Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its Only Words

Miss Belgium was booed for not speaking Dutch

One of the things that makes me wonder if I really do want to lose the sweaty socks is the thought of who it would please, namely the Euro piglets everywhere, sucking on the teat of the Brussels pig. Large Euro budgets , that’s our money , are diverted into undermining national states funding ludicrous movements as that for independent Cornwall. You would be amazed at how many flags there are about the place nowadays. Lindsay Jenkins Disappearing Britain tells the tale of EU skulduggery and I recommend it
The country in an advanced stage of dismemberment is Belgium. The Flemish majority of 6million out of the 10.4 are demanding that public figures are tweetalig , ie fluent in Dutch as well as Walloon French .The country is currently between Governments, and has been since June. The EU will be rubbing its hands with glee . Naturally the lack of a PM did not prevent the Libson signing going through .The EU decided to allow Guy Verhofstadt,who is a caretaker figure,to sign what’s left of that nation away. The lack of government was ,of course , no obstacle.
Feelings are running so high between the linguistic communities that the newly crowned Miss Belgian Alizee Pouiceck, pictured here, was actually booed when she failed to respond to a question in Dutch. I yearn to comfort her in a pure and chivalrous manner :)
With new Language tests to be imposed on immigrants ( but no limit on numbers of course), and schools struggling to provide an education for 8 different languages many with English the minority now ,we are somewhat linguistically challenged here . The most directly comparable distinction however is between Brown`s Scots bagpipe drone and the richly varied dialectal heritage of the English..
As has often been mentioned Blair was as much a member of the Mac Raj as the odious one, but did not do the vowels. Brown cannot do without the unreciprocated 69 seats that Scotland and Wales import into the English legislation. Without them English Labour is finished and they also have a language problem. They do not speak the language of aspiration , self reliance and small state decentralised modernity so popular south of the cold flint strewn pictish moors. I suspect they will not be able to learn this language either judging by the odd noises emanating form the Brown bunker.An IT driven ‘personal relationship’ with the state ,is emerging as his vision . Oh boy I feel confident that will work .... .Brown always did do ’choice ‘the way Indian Musicians do the national anthem , god knows what cacophony we have in store after he has lined up his reviews which will magically agree with him.
Balancing the con trick perpetrated on the English , not so much financially as democratically, with the desire of the EU to break us up, I favour David Cameron`s pragmatic approach. Rectifying clear inequities in the context of retaining Union for now . He is right to cool English frustration

The fact is that the Scots and the English do not speak a different language no more than the Brumwegians and the Surrey toffs . We currently speak a different political language but when I think of who would be most pleased to see the end of the Union I wonder if we should try harder to reach a friendly accommodation. English votes and a re-examination of the funding would help. Many of the most irritating Salmson promises are actually unfunded and Scotland may well not be permanently wedded to the oxymoron Independence within the EU. Latest figures do indeed show an increase in the popularity of Independence especially among the young but I am not convinced the UK is going the way of Belgium just yet. Personally I would not boo Miss Pouiceck if she spoke Martian.....I would not throw her out of bed for eating crackers if she was Scottish , but them some languages are universal.


Daisy said...

newmania...just a little funny situation that happened to me the other day at work...while we speak the same language...there are nuances that make it difficult at times...custody was taken of an irish boy the other day (his parents had been arrested and there was no one to take him, so we were basically babysitting him)...he kept yelling at the investigators and they couldn't understand what he was yelling about so after half an hour they came and got me to try to translate...the child didn't want a bap with his mince...(we would say he didn't want a bun with his hamburger) and he wanted his sisters pram (we would say stroller)...no one could figure it out...i just went to him and took the bap off the mince...and asked why he wanted the pram, turns out his playstation was in it...emergency solved...so while we all speak a form of the english language, it can be confusing at times...to those who don't wish to learn

Newmania said...

Thats a great story Daisy, the little difreces between Engliah and American English are always fun but actually different dialects in England are far more different to eachother.

I have always like American writers , John Updike especially .

Nick Drew said...

yes Mr Mania I have seen you gesturing in internationally- understood sign language more than once

your meaning was fairly clear, I feel sure it was basically friendly

(possibly very friendly)

Newmania said...

I notice the internationally understood sign for "Bring me the bill " has eluded you this far Nick

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