Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Gord Bless Us , Everyone

I have had a revelation . , perhaps every additional sausage is torturing an African child. It is a worry. With the zeal of the converted I am determined to have the perfect New Labour Christmas . Sorry , I mean no smoking , low power, fair trade vegan, carbon offsetting health and safety certified , multicultural , ecumenical /secular inclusive orientation neutral , access friendly non-sexist ....I `d rather be dead...Winterval...... In this spirit it is clear that some traditional songs will have to be altered and I intend to do my bit

So .....

On the first day of Winterval my partner gave to me
...a Carbon Offsetting tree
On the Second day of Winterval my partner gave to me
Two married gays and ......
On the Third day of Winterval my partner gave to me
Fair trade goods
On the Fourth day of Winterval my partner gave to me
Four speed cameras
On the Fifth day of Winterval my partner gave to me

Anymore ?Anyway Gord Bless us .....said Timmy ...Gord ,bless us everyone.... ( in line with the findings of the Dickens ‘review’ )


Travis Bickle said...

On the sixth day of winterval our PM gave to me a new national anthem "Scotland, Scotland uber alles"

Newmania said...

good effort TB

Ed said...

Surely you mean fair trade not free trade


Newmania said...

Oops right you are Ed

Mrs Smallprint said...

Twelve lords amending
Eleven sleazy scandels
Ten donors bunging
Nine leaking MP's
Eight spinners spinning
Seven dodgy emails
Six PM's questions

Any more for any more!

Newmania said...

Five steal taxes!

Mrs Smallprint said...

Only five, Gordon must be slipping.

Wander over to my blog for a little Christmas poem of my own.

Philipa said...

Bah humbug x

Newmania said...

Hi you P ....hope all well

Philipa said...

Hello gorgeous, all is fab. I hope all as good with you and yours xx

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