Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Perhaps I shall hire a little boat ......

Now I am a real commuter and able to unfurl the Telegraph with the graceful ease of a courtly arabesque my mornings are a little less frantic . I have time to study the ruddy cheeked yokels that wave and gurgle excitedly as the “City train” propels its occupants at magical speed from their world of hedgerow and birdsong. If only I were able to light a pipe the picture would be complete ..... If only that nasty oik would put his lap top away.
In this dreamy state thoughts amble good naturedly like fluffy cirrus up on the Downs . Does Lulu , as Jan Muir suggests , drink the blood of Jimmy Cranky to remain so supernaturally youthful ? Is Jaqui Smith going to escape her “Fiasco” .Well perhaps this time , but as Andrew Gimson remarks . David Davies “Likes it when they struggle “. With my thermos flask of coffee sending aromatic drapes of steam into the carriage I muse upon whether the evident gulf in ability between the aging Blair babe and her adversary is more than coincidence. The story of the main Parties has , after all been contrasting . While the Labour Party handed in its beliefs and became characterised by brutal discipline the Conservatives have rarely left off in fighting. From the rebellious ranks ,howeve, an awesome front bench has emerged . I shall enjoy Messrs Davies and Cameron eating their opposite numbers for breakfast with the gentle concern of those who insist the last mouthful of egg, bacon and brown sauce is judged to a nicety.
The last guttering of this delicious haze are rudely snuffed at East Croydon whose architecture positively invites terrorism on aesthetic grounds alone . But a fleeting grimace is soon replaced with the jovial stoicism that runs through the English like rheumatism. We put up with £12 billion slipping from smugglers coves into the EU ,by moonlight, and remaining un-audited , we put up with £30 billion disappearing into the pockets of needy relatives beyond Hadrian’s wall and we put up with the Labour Party deploying 69 MPs whose constituents are unaffected by English legislation. Truly we must be the descendants of Beowulf .Perhaps I shall hire a little boat this weekend .........

(Newmania has been reading Three men In A Boat)


electro-kevin said...

Hire a boat ?

Rule of thumb:

If it floats, flies or fornicates it's always in a man's best financial interests to hire.

I can't believe the English suppine surrender to every injustice. Too much 'Parem et Cirences' one thinks.

Hopefully this will change with the coming recession when every penny will have to be accounted for.

electro-kevin said...

Panem Et Cercenses

It would have been so much cooler if I'd googled that first.

Well I am only a bloody train driver after all.

(I've posted on Ellee BTW, under the Aitken post. Gawd - I hope I got it right !)

Newmania said...

I `ll have a look at that EK

Newmania said...

( nice to see you)

Ed said...

I love my 40 minute walk into work although I was most disappointed this morning to discover that my iPod had run out of juice - I must have left it going on Monday night.

I do find I read less now I don't have a train ride to overcome, but I do arrive at work in a much better mood than when I had to contend with London Bridge station.

Newmania said...

I used to cycle 30 miole everyday Ed and I got very fit ....thick as a brick though


Anonymous said...

Well at least you are enjoying life again Mr N! I would get a boat if I were you - perhaps you should start with a canoe?

Ed said...

When I lived in West London and worked in East, cycling was the quickest way - I did about ten or twelve miles. The journey was made more exciting by the Marylebone and Euston Road.

People do seem to be carefree about the way that their income is being wasted. Perhaps they don't bother to think about it.

Newmania said...

I meant 30 miles in all to Croyodon and back from Islignton..

I still cycle to the station with my socks tucked in

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