Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Just The Facts

Figures below are from 2006 Pink Book available from the ONS:-

UK trade with World £525b

UK trade with EU £240bn (46%)

UK trade with all Europe £290bn (55%)


Some other facts from the pink book

We have a trade surplus with the USA, but a serious deficit with our "partners" in the EU (we will happily buy cars from anywhere, but the French and Germans will only buy cars made in their own nations). Our trade with the EU is shrinking, whilst our trade with the RoW is growing very rapidly. It has been estimated that by 2017 less than a third of our exports will be going to the EU.

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Ed said...

The **really** interesting thing is that something like 80% of our trade is internal - meaning that if all exports were shut off immediately (as the Milibands suggest it would be if we quit the EU) the economy would shrink but not collapse. Of course the French and Germans will still want to sell us cars, beer, wine, etc. so they would be foolish to erect enormous barriers were we to leave.

One of the arguments for joining the "Common Market" was that our share of trade with the rest of Europe was rising faster than the RoW, and that we shouldn't sacrifice the opportunity to be inside their tariff wall rather than outside.

Personally, I think principle should be placed before expediency. I prefer democracy, freedom and self determination to comfort and a false sense of "security".

Newmania said...

I was thiniing of adding just that Ed...quite agree

Pip said...

Truth is that if we had a common currency it would reduce manufacturing in this country - some companies manufacture here because of the market and seperate currency.

I woud be interested to know the payload of immigration compared to that 20% lost, remembering that every immigrant who takes a job pushes a Brit or keeps a Brit on the dole.

CityUnslicker said...

Sarko really gave the game away today.

The pressure for a refendendum may do for brown in the new year.

i am in optimisic mood tonight!

Ed said...

I missed Sarko, what did he say? I hope he doesn't cave into the unions over his reforms.

Anonymous said...

I am boycotting China - so this has probably made a difference on the ROTW figure...

Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting China too, Mutley, so between the two of us we must be bumping up the EU figures chronically.

Time to try to boycott the EU too, I think. Right, I'm going to aim for my next move - which can't come quick enough - to be to a smallholding, somewhere in the old stamping ground of my ancestors. I've always fancied a few goats, a few llamas and a horse and cart.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts, having just read up about berserk male llama syndrome, think I'll stick to goats.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Beserk Male Lama Flo ....I suppose there us a speciality magaziner for everything ?

Anonymous said...

No llamas then - part from the Dalai!! ho ho - see how that fitted in with the China theme??

On a serious note Mr Newman I wonder if you had thought of standing for Mayor of Lewes - it is smaller than London and you might have a better chance!!

Newmania said...

I will rpbably run for the Council Mut, It does have a Mayor , but that would be a bore

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

Things I would like to leave our shores and head into Europe, even at a financial loss to ourselves:

1) Jodie Marsh
2) Mint choc chip ice cream (you sadistic bastards)
3) Endemol
4) Ken Livingstone, I presume
5) Anything that tries to trade off the fact that, 42 years ago, we won the football world cup. ONCE.
6) Russell Brand. What a cock.

Newmania said...

Yes I think i agree on al, of those Merm ...and I would add Jonothan Ross ..( but keep Mint choc chil ice cream)

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