Friday, November 02, 2007

Opening boxes

Opening boxes

Our son’s baby picture mug,
So faded only I would know
What it had been..
A Photograph of my first wife.
The memories peel out
In curls like pimpled skin from Oranges
Or Church bells falling..

Into the quiet, dust of the loft.

Then the many venomed coils of mambas for
The DVD, will we ever See Sky
Again “My sweet “ ? I hiss

Just now,
Autumn leaves in flame
Quivered Gold along the Brighton Road,
When we triumphed to our home.
But now we carry boxes out.
Cheerful birds mock the metal Owl
On our neighbours aerial,
Our pile of, soon to be disposed, of tat,
Seems to amuse them too.

They fly up like wishes
When I drive the boxes out,
Around a turn, ..
A Huge Sky stretches over the world,
High Downs gallop Sea-ward

And our Tomorrows
Will be opened


Croydonian said...

So I would guess that you are well and truly out of The Great Wen, Mr N.

Newmania said...

It did indeed ...thanks C

Nick Drew said...

but still up for a drink after work sometime ?

Seems like you've had nice weather for it - hope it all goes well

Daisy said...

newmania...that was lovely...i have sat here rereading you post and wanted to say something eloquent about it but my own memories seem to flood in my thoughts when reading yours...and it was lovely...thank you

Anonymous said...

I have told you before you are no good at haikus. Good luck Mr N!!

Philipa said...

I love your poetry Paul.

Happy new home :-)

jodie marsh said...

dreadful - it flowed like treacle kept in the fridge

Little Black Sambo said...

Dear Newmania, do take care; Sussex may addle your brain. Already there are signs.

Newmania said...

Thanks Pip ...Worry not |i shall not be inflicting my pomes on the general public

Philipa said...

You won't? Why not?? I'm sorry but your poems are welcome on my site anytime.

Stuff the philistines!

Newmania said...

...Thanks Pip but i wiol beb hback to bitching for England when i have the chance

Philipa said...

Not unless you sort your keyboard out you won't ;-)

Anonymous said...

Blimey, you're back. About time to!

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

On second thoughts - about time too!

Auntie Flo'

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