Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time To Set Out His Vision

The leader has a vision
He won’t tell us what it is
He says he dreams it nightly
and it full of umph and fizz

He can’t call an election
'Til the vision has been said
He hasn’t told us for ten years
He`s kept it in his head

Some say it first appeared to him
Like bushes set afire
When Cameron kept calling him
An indecisive liar

They say it wasn`t there before..
He had to run away
And it was all the sweaty Scot
Could come up with to say

But Gordon has a vision
and he sharpens it at night
It’s a rather vengeful fantasy
He dreams for self delight

He gets an axe And takes the day
Off; Saying that he got ill
He listens to the bit when David
Said he`d lost his bottle

When he’s good and mad and drunk
He goes to Notting Hill
Puts the axe thorough Davids neck and screams


The leader has a vision
Its of doing David in
He’s thinking of it when he does...

That nasty sideways grin

See picture , Now off line for a month exceopt at work. Cheerio


Anonymous said...


I've seen a number of recent references to Gordon wishing to set out his legacy. Appararently he believes it might be...wait for it...civil liberties..establishing Britishness as rights and duties in a bill of rights...setting out what he decrees our British values are to be.


In other words, Broon's fantasising about taking control again. And as usual, the wee mon's in total denial of the fact that those of us in England detest him and refuse to be his British fantasy, we only want to be English - the race he's trying to wipe off the face of the earth.

However, that expression 'legacy' is an interesting one, isn't it? Looks like the wee mon know's he's done for, n. THREE CHEERS for that!

Auntie Flo'

Ed said...

Remember the spiel about how the first 100 days were going to be to set out his vision then a snap election?

We've had neither. This civil liberties crap is so transparent. He talks the talk but he won't walk the walk.

Newmania said...

I think we can safely say that Brown`s interest in Liberty is about as sincere as "The New Politics"

Anonymous said...

Re that vision of Broon's. Didn't the wee man's father used to sometimes write sermons about vision - as a sort of euphemism both for religious values and as a coded message to Broon in respect of the problems with his vision?

What a prototype for Broon's spin, double counting and double counting that must have been. In the Broon weltangshung everything has a double meaning and value.

That includes Broon's deceitfully crafted visions of a Britishness that is not British, of civil liberties without any liberty and of a Stalinesque rights bill setting out the duties of us great unwashed without imposing any real or meaningful duties on our politicians.

In the kingdom of the blind it really is the one eyed monster who rules.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Wow Flo , I hope I never get in your basd books

Proud to be a tory said...

This odious Scottuish gargoyle offers this country nothing but his ugly face being destroyed by our leader. Let us remember that the public do not understand the nuances of PMQs. It is out work to explain that the PM is be destroyed every week. Once they learn the etiquite of PMQs they will learn as we have that the PM simply does understand how to behave.

Newmania said...

Quite So PTBAT

Mountjoy said...

No, it's cos he doesn't know what his vision is - he was too busy plotting against Tony and Mandy since 1994.

Newmania said...

You don`t think that the needing the time to set out a vision was a "ruse" do you Mounyjoy...gasp !

Anonymous said...

I don't think he has any plans at all now... I feel a bit sorry for him as it is all probably a bit of an anti-climax...

electro-kevin said...

David seems to be making the right noises of late - but does he really mean it ?

I know that the voting system in the UK is weighted against the Tories - this is why they are forever on egg shells.

His wife looks gorgeous.

Newmania said...

Hi EK ...I`m about to unplug the computer ...just after I write this

Nice to see you . I was fascinated to see your picture

tory boys never grow up said...

Well he seems to be reducing his opponents to childish insults rather than serious political analysis, so he must be doing something right!

Tories need to recognise that negative campaigning only appeals to existing supporters and will never extend their core support beyond its current crackpot rump.

There is plenty within Brown's past pronouncements and actions as Chancellor to see where his vision lies - you may not like what he says but that doesn't mean he has no vision or ideas. Perhaps more serious questions could be asked about what Cameron's vision is - the more I see the more he seems to look like he is proposing social conservatism a la Bush befoire he was elected - and was that what delivered?

But if you all want to carry on with abuse - please do, I am sure it will be good for the cause!

Newmania said...

Do you know TB that the swing against Brown is the largest swing there has been since the Falklands. The 'crack pot' rump is now a full 10% ahead of the small but perfectly formed
un-intelligentsia and their ante-deluvian beliefs
The issue is Brown because the only thing that has changed is Brown and the clues to his true agenda in his past pronouncements are being assiduously denied by him every day because he knows the truth would be even less popular.

I am pleased that you admit what we all know to be true that in fact the moment he has lied his way into power he will be the high tax centralising PM he always looked like being .

I doubt we will be hearing much about that vision though.

Newmania said...

..anyway don`t be so po faced. The BBC are still re churning Thatcher gags ..( Brown admires her deeply you know... well recently)

Anonymous said...

tory boys never grow up said:

Tories need to recognise that negative campaigning only appeals to existing supporters

Negative campaigning seems to have impressed you sufficiently to induce you embed it in your blog name, tbngu

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Tory Boys never grow up said:

you may not like what he [brown]says but that doesn't mean he has no vision or ideas. Perhaps more serious questions could be asked about what Cameron's vision is

Or perhaps the people of England are sick to the back teeth of 'visions' and the self appointed visionaries who spawn such cr*p and most people yearn for a dose of pragmatic competence?

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

T Boy is a provocative bugger isn`t he Flo.

Anonymous said...

Newmania said...
T Boy is a provocative bugger isn`t he Flo.

He's a twerp.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Actually Flo by Labour standards Tory Boy is really quite human

Praguetory said...

Have a great rest. By the way, I'm planning on having a T-shirt produced with the slogan "Tory boys never grow up".

Anonymous said...

by Labour standards Tory Boy is really quite human (n)

Think you're right, n, hence the use of 'twerp', one of my more endearing terms for nulabbers :)

Auntie Flo'

electro-kevin said...

What a great poster Auntie Flo is eh ? Not to say that the rest aren't BTW.

I've posted quite a few piccies of me if you look through my archives N. Well I know what you look like and The Hitch (among others) so I thought it only fair to 'come out'.

Brown seems to be in a tizzy and Prime Ministership clearly doesn't suit him. He's a man of the shadows and back rooms and his comfort zone was hiding behind the charade of his Chancellorship bamboozling us with figures while he sold off gold reserves at rock bottom and beavered away at a Socialist usurpation of an inherently conservative Nation.

I have much annoyance with Paul Dacre of the Daily Mail whom I think is responsible for awarding Gordo the moniker 'Prudence' Brown. Aargh !

Anyways. Glad there wasn't an early election resulting in the Conservatives being saddled with charge of the country just as the economy is about to go tits-up big time.

Doubtless an economic downturn will hurt me but I think it's what our people need to awaken them from their torpor so that they seize their country back.

I've closed the hatches, pulled in the sails and donned my life jacket - I've got the popcorn and diet Pepsi ready and I'm going to sit back and enjoy watching the wheel come off in Brown's hands. Remember NOT to let him get away with what he's done to us. He deserves to be remembered as the most disasterous PM we've had and if there were any justice in the World he'd be remembered as the most disasterous Chancellor too.

Newmania said...

I have just a put a life jacket on EK as in put a load of cash in the bank from property. I have sheep at the end of my road now and UI am a happy chappy.

I am planning to scale down my blogging to becoming a quiet backwater diarist OR I may do a local one I`m planning to start a Conservative branch.

Whatever the answer it is never again going to occupy more than 10 % of my life . Its the tail wagging the dog


CityUnslicker said...

good luck with emptying the boxes over the weekend, sir.

Newmania said...

Thanks CU ...almost there actually ...god I love dumping the detrius have accumulated in absent minded moments

Stan!! said...

What Cameron's done had to be done. Now we start from a much better place. But there's certainly work to do. I couldn't give a toss whether Cameron has given the Party an intellectual coherence, I only care about whether he is wooing voters needed to win marginal seats and get rid of this Government. From what I've seen, he's doing that on a scale that beats anything else we've seen lately from the Conservatives. If you're onto a good thing, stick to it!
The next decade belong to David Cameron and the Conservatives.

Newmania said...

Well I never lost faith Stan...hmmmmm?

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