Tuesday, November 06, 2007

England`s Last Community

We must recognise that we have a great inheritance in our possession,
which represents the prolonged achievement of the centuries;
that there is not one of our simple uncounted rights today
for which better men than we are have not died on the scaffold or the battlefield.
We have not only a great treasure; we have a great cause.
Are we taking every measure within our power to defend that cause?"
(Winston Churchill Paris September 1936).
from Enoch Powell: Speech, 1961.
(Stolen from hatfield Girl)

Continuing in half baked blogging mode , I went to the Firework display at Lewes last night or rather I arrived in the middle of it unable to get home from the station the entire Town having been turned over to a sort of English festival of hellfire . It was quite impossible to get through the masses all out for the parade and the , some 60,000 in the town with thousands of Policemen drafted in for the night . The march started at the War memorial with the Last post and the first firework spelling “Their finest hour”. Then came the effigies of the gunpowder plotters to be ritually burned later with the Pope . With huge explosions shattering the evening calm , girls dressed in their revealing carnival wear and the drink starting to flow it was a far more primal experience than I anticipated. One felt human sacrifice might begin at any moment .Be-suited and with an inappropriate foldy bike my place in the Whicker man seemed assured.

I was struck at the way the entire town was able to cooperate in such celebration. Young people showing their wares to eachother families clucking and oldsters with twinkling eyes . But then , I was also struck by the fact that there were white people working on the check out in Tescos everyone speaks English. and the schools work. This place still has a cohesion about it that is entirely lost to London and much of the country. You see it in the open handed generosity of the young men who are more like squaddies than gangsters , gruff sometimes but good hearted and loyal to their own. A world away from the venomous glares of the single parent welfare ferals in Islington. You feel it in the way your neighbours cluster round . For example last night my young son became frightened and had to be taken home. Our neighbours, who we met days ago, immediately offered to accompany them back . Stuck on the other side of the crowd I am eternally grateful . People in the shops actually want to talk to you and there is a sense that we all have far more in common than that which divides us.

This sense of a community at one with itself climaxes with the great civic festival of fire when the numerous societies compete for the best float and the best show. Here the Coucil has to get its Parking meters out of the way so the people can move freely .

Norman Baker the unpleasant and toad like Liberal MP is embarrassed at the way it celebrates our military heritage and unashamedly casts out the foreign and the strange. The sight of men dressed as protestant Vicars wielding fiery torches against the scourge of Popery may be a little dated but in some ways it is decidedly contemporary. Gordon Brown and his demonic Labour cohorts by their immigration policy and plans to sell the country to Europe have achieved what Phillip of Spain Napoleon and Hitler could never do .Enslaved the free Englishmen and women people whose way of life is in mortal danger.

PS This coherent ethnicity I am delighted with , obviously has nothing to do with race depite the Tescos comment above.Mrs N comes from Bermondsey , not Africa.It is the rate of change and the worsening fractures between people that concerns me. "We" cannot agree or disagree meaningfully unless there is a "we" in the first place. Inclusion and welcome for all those who love this country !


Little Black Sambo said...

Good to have you back in full posting vein. Don't stop!

Newmania said...

Thanks LBS...

Anonymous said...

Good posting...but ssshhh! Word has it that, even as we speak, Yvette Cooper is touring England wearing skeleton robe and death mask searching for real English communties to ransack, rob and destroy.

It's all about equality, of course, all are to be equally as miserable as the poorest, meanest, most atomised and fragmented of places on these islands...so that nulab politicians can eventually become equal to the richest in the land. The B*st*rds.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Take me for what I am
a star newly emerging
Long simmering explodes
inside the self is reeling
In the pocket of the heart
in the rushing of the blood
in the muscle of my sex
in the mindful mindless love
I accept the newmania
and set the twilight reeling

At 5 am the moon and the sun
sit set before my window
Light glances off the blue glass we set
right before the window
And you who accept
in your soul and your head
what was misunderstood
what was thought of with dread
a new self is born
the other self dead
I accept the new found mania
and set the twilight reeling

hahaha :)

Lou Reed. Bl**dy fabulous isn't he?

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Yvette Cooper is touring England wearing skeleton robe and death mask searching for real English communties to ransack, rob and destroy.

Thats bloody superb Flo...I love your comments and now I am in a part of the country really worth preserving I feel even close to your concerns.

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