Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Which Boffin To Buy

In the New Statesman editorial today there is a shrill complaint that members of the Commons Select Committee on Science and Technology , considering questions of foetal viability has impostors in its midst. These impostors are six ”medical experts “( their inverted commas ), with undeclared affiliations to the Christian medical Fellowship which has an opposition to abortion. The editor goes on....
“Expect more moral prejudices masquerading as science in the coming weeks when the human tissue and Embryos Bill is introduced . More distortions about the escalating number of abortions ...”, and so on . Needless top say there is no single mention of the unborn person in the two densely argued columns of spleen.

This was dealt with in the blogasphere a few days ago I think when Nadine Norris was on the front page of the Telegraph for her principled stand against what she sees as the biased presence of the BMA and the disinformation propagated on the subject of viability. It is a slightly different angle that intrigued me today .The readiness of the left , when it suits them, to consider scientific evidence worthless when the givers of it do not happen to share their views.

I have a certain amount of sympathy for this point of view. Al Gores “Inconvenient Truth “ is currently being foisted on the school population as incontrovertible fact . As we know there are some inaccuracies in it, but that is not the main problem .

The most telling piece of evidence as local Lewes Greeny had was that of a 10% sample of Environmental publications every single peer reviewed scientific journal agreed that we are on a gas mark 5 and only a about 50 % of the general media agreed.

This would show that the Nobel prize winning Gore was to be trusted and not the media . Well as a mixed race family we are less trusting of Nobel prize winners than my towns-woman . Watson of double helix fame was recently opining that Black people were all stupid with a Nobel prize a book out and a living to make He strikes me as not entirely dissimilar to Gore .

More importantly the scientific community are overwhelmingly funded by the state if not the super-state all of who have a vested in interest in a fake emergency as justifying their power grab at all levels . Their careers are not made by publishing “ Small Change Who cares “ articles and should anyone doubt scientists say what they are paid to read the work of epidemiologists for the Tobacco in retrospect. In any case supporting the general view that there is a man made component to global warming means almost nothing. It is also true that excessive Hydrous dioxide to the head has resulted in several deaths.
I doubt we will be banning water as a result.

Scientists are not outside politics and scientific method is not neutral. Furthermore almost tautological findings can be mis-used out of context by those who do have a political axe to grind. What they say about the environment is no more than evidence to be carefully sifted and treated with great suspicion. They have an undeclared interest.


The Creator said...

The political component driving apparently objective scientific arguments can never be discounted. This is partly real-politik/ career advancement – governments have access to the really big money, after all, so you may as well say what you think they want to hear if you want to get your hands on it – partly the simple human desire to shape evidence so that it accords to your what you believe in the first place.

I am absolutely certain that the majority of the climate-change proponents are all well to the left of the political centre of gravity, for example.

By the way – and here my real motive for commentating is revealed in all its shamelessness (yes, I, too, have my own agenda!) – would you like to like to my own staggeringly good blog?

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Newmania said...

Oh thanks , you have moved in not very mysterious ways TC , I `ll have a look

The Creator said...

As may already have become obvious, I move in transparently clunking ways.

But I mean well.

Still, I hope you like what you find on the dazzlingly wonderful (sometimes) Daily Brute.

Anonymous said...

What is it that makes nulabbers and lib dems worship at the shrine of thicko boffins? Half of them can't tie their shoe laces without help.

Broon's clearly loves boffins as he spends much of his time trying to cultivate this image for himself by regurgitating the stuff he finds on his 'fact for the day' calendar as he's sitting in his bath - he doesn't trust showers since Mommy told him they might make his hair wet and give him pneumonia - that morning.

Broon PMQs: "I-I-I think....er... I said, er...I-I-I think it was...er... PM Walter McGonagall (Dath Vader gasp) who in ...er...506 BC said: The way to..er... conquer the world is to...er have a completely lunatic fantasy about creating a New World Order. (Darth Vader gasp). So I...er...I er...I could but comply. So for my next stealthy trick I will...er....
YOU WILL...er... O-O-O-OBEY!"

All he's really good for is slow rote memorisation - even quick regurgitation is beyond him.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Dear dear me I have missed you Flo. I ve been busy and I `m only going to be snatching minutes at work until this absurd Broadband delay is rectified at home

Newmania said...

Dear dear me I have missed you Flo. I ve been busy and I `m only going to be snatching minutes at work until this absurd Broadband delay is rectified at home

The Creator said...

You are very kind Mr Newmania.

Most grateful.

Thank you!

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