Thursday, October 25, 2007

They have their exits,…

The last role

Lean and slipper'd pantaloon , Paul McArtney, cost himself £25 million by his infatuation with hard faced tart Heather Mills . Why do old men do it ? John Lennon was a gifted of course but Paul was the real talent. He wrote the songs that took the Beatles from mothers humming through the ironing to the Che Stadium .His voice had the touch of melancholy that set your soul flying .Then, at the end, infantile gratification compelled him to dye his hair orange and made a gold plated ocean going arse of himself .Perhaps too many years of fawning had rotted his judgement I feel sorry for him ……

With Brown barely able to control his vulpine hatred at P M Qs ,the old politics are back. The “ Government of all the talents “ seems another age already. Amongst the late entrants to the broad tent was Digby Jones , the former head of the CBI now a peer, minister, and pathetic old man number two.
Gordon blocked moves by his business advisers to debate the plan to increase capital gains tax by up to 80%.The high level “Business Council “ met for the first time this afternoon ,but questions on the demise of the taper were verboten. Instead Digs will be dancing a sad arabesque for his master ,pretending to care about “Globalisation and Climate change “. There he must sit, clutching his faux prestige, a once Promethean figure reduced to a silly vain laughing stock mutely implicated in a profoundly anti business measure . I feel sorry for him.

Quentin Davies had no future , a man so obsessed with his own importance he clutched at any bauble cast his way .A few minute in the Press a promise of …who knows what. Well , having given up his safe seat of Grantham and Stamford he was promised an equally safe Labour one. Now the Brown bounce is a Brown cow pat, I just wonder who is going to take him. Is there really a Constituency so safe they will take a red faced pinstriped pontificator for the sake of a tottering regime? Perhaps the Talibrown have just enough juice left . I feel sorry for the local activists obliged to endure being a national joke.

Age is so cruel..Peter Townsend wrote “Hope I die before I get old “. Given his later career “ researching “( aren’t they all) child pornography I think we can all applaud the sentiment if not the execution.

,All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits, and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts

The last role often seems to be a sad clown.

1 As you like it …of course.


Prague said...

Apparently QD is lined up for a Labour marginal known as Dudley South as Ian Pearson is supposed to be retiring.

Newmania said...

Blimey you are well informed. ( no suprise there)..well we have out laughing stock then...thanks

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