Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cash For Questions

Does anyone recall ,“ Cash For Questions”. It seems such small beer now does it not when Yates is busily ‘not’ incriminating the Labour Party for extracting millions for donations but upon a few hundred here and there was founded the great ”Sleaze” campaign of yore
All change now though. Gordon brown is sweeping a chainsaw through the whole tangled thicket of Party funding by the disinterested and statesman-like ploy of trying to outlaws Lord Ashcroft’s donations whilst leaving his Trade Union bungs intact .
Well you might think then that there would be a certain amount of sensitivity about accepting informal help from trade Unions and the misuse of the Communications budget MP`s receive , whilst these delicate negotiations were ongoing . Not always ...

Fresh from sending her own children to a Potters bar Grammar school and buying social housing at knock down auction prices, to let out to her Old Paulian local labour Sloanes , Emily Thornberry has been sending naughty little letters.

Misuse of Communications- Thousands of residents have just received a letter from Emily Thornberry bigging up , Emily Thornberry. In it she asks the electorate to tell her which of a number of priorities are most important , The list includes CCTV for Islington, Affordable housing and so on as well as neutral conundrums like ,” Which of Gordon Brown’s NEW ideas for Britain do you support”

Accepting Union Money - The Freepost Replies , reports Private Eye have been put through the franking machine of none other than the “ Communications Workers Union in London SW19 , miles from her Constituency

Cash For Questions - On 25th July by astonishing coincidence , Emily urged Gordon Brown to ...” Join me in urging the royal Mail to enter into meaningful discussions with the Communications Workers Unions ..”

CASH for QUESTIONS is not so far in the past as we thought it seems


Ed said...

How on Earth did someone so despicably weak minded get into such a good school?

Newmania said...

....? How did someone with the poor results Polly Toynbee acheived slither inot Oxbridge asnd then a plumb job .... there are more questions than answers

CityUnslicker said...

nepotism is the general answer.

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