Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wake Up!

Hateful in so many ways . Simply Red are Dead

Taking Red Nose day "Humorously "

Lovely Boris , victories be upon him , has some eye catching population stats this morning , the population of the world is , I gather , double what it was when I was born at £6.7 billion, and is hurtling towards £9 billion plus by 2050. In its day it was the apocalyptic topic of choice for the hand wringing classes and right up there with the fast approaching ice age .Thrilling graphics of Sabre Tooth Tigers prowling the Severn Tundra were set alongside piles of bodies accelerating towards the moon extrapolated from the population growth of a small Brazilian village, but no more .

Now we are all apparently in a cosmic oven set to gas mark four our angst is environmental . As Boris points out, that is getting the cart before the horse . How can we hope to steward the climate with the bloody numbers out of control
With his recent piccaniny torments still tender Boris understandably skates around the reasons population growth “dare not speak its name “ Its simple enough ,and I turn to Tony Benn for a gestalt .” You mean you don’t want any more brown babies “

Quite , when over-population was the fault of greedy white Europeans living high on the hog, the hair shirts duly appeared ,. Now it is chiefly a brown problem its “ All gone quiet over there “. I had previously though the stupidest example of Political correctness was the BBC concealing clear evidence that AIDS was spread in the heterosexual population by immigrant Africans . I was wrong , this Liberal wrong headedness is a worldwide suicide note . I will start taking Red Nose Day ‘humorously’ when its starts to talk about the real solutions to famine. Less people

Simply Red are Dead

Thank the lord Simply Red are no more . I detested that whiny voice, found Mick Hucknall repellent and saw them as the nadir of the musical abyss that was the 80s . I read the name was inspired by...” Manchester United ,his left leaning politics and his hair colour “ . Now if I `m not allowed to hate a ginga trot United fan, there is frankly no point in the powers of discrimination god gave me . Obscurity be upon him.

Wake Up !

The less you have the more you dream . I see this waiting behind herds of proles buying lottery ticket, a state numbers racket on which Italia’s biggest business ,( The Mafia ), probably had a consultancy role . The waifs of the depression turned in their horde to Buzby Berkley `s opulent enchantments and the estates of England are dosed on prozak .The chattering classes never understand the need for escape , how would they , passing elegantly amongst the urban exquisites of the new elite court, for them life is an escape already .
Devil`s kitchen, currently , the eye of the Lisbon storm , and other bourgeois Libertarians think it would be a good idea to legalise drugs . After all they safely experiment, spliffing sophisticatedly over crème brullee and Hayek. As Noel Gallagher said .”The middle classes experiment, the working classes just get on with it “... the difference was best captured in the immortal ‘Common People’ by Pulp:

Have you ever watched your life slide our of view ,
And dance and drink and screw..
Co`s theres nothing else to do
You’ll never live like Common People!”

When I spoke to him DK wanted to allot arable land to the production of narcotics ..madness. Still suppose harvest Festival might be quite something !

Th Th Th th Thatsssss all folks


Anonymous said...

.”The middle classes experiment, the working classes just get on with it

That's probably true of your generation and mine, n - I'm older than you - however, when it comes to the our children it appears that they are well on the way to all being middle class now

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

I `m far from cinvinced about that Flo there is an underclass that sems to me to be less repsonible than any class was before

Hey great to see you


PS Flo I don1t know if there is any way to get in contact is there . I `d love tpo say hello some time if that doesn`t sound to creepy ofr soemthing

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