Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Naked News

'A man in the US state of Ohio was in court after he was found naked in someone else's car. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper, 36 year-old Kim Joseph LeBlanc told police a leprechaun had let him into the car belonging to Nicholas Donohue. Mr Donohue found the suspect in his car naked from the waist down and the car's speakers ripped out. Mr LeBlanc continued his strange behaviour during a court appearance today when he walked into the courtroom carrying a roll of toilet paper and a plastic air-sickness type of bag" - RTE.ie."

When oh when is there going to be a crack downon this anti social leprechaun activity . ZERO TOLERANCE


Daisy said...

what would life be like without the anti social leprechauns? would we have enough fodder to keep our sick little minds active?

Newmania said...

Sorry daisy I hate to be a fascist but overall I still say fuck them , eat them and all their fairy kind .

I mean this in a collegiate spirit

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