Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Woman’s Right To Shoes

Age is creeping up on me , I am 44 now , I know ...I know , I don’t look it . How do you tell a man’s age though? Well one way is the colour of your penis . When I was but a wee chap my wee chap was a delicate prawn pink. When , on occasion , I saw my fathers it was a contrasting beige. Now look down and sure enough I also have a beige home entertainment centre . I was wondering if there is actually a precise colour coding for age. Do you end up with a deep burnt molasses Dulux colour chart sagger? ( refer to chart attached for your age)

Apart from having the aforesaid delicately prawn pink etc. there are a number of things about being very young that I have been trying to remember

1 On any beach the fear of quick-sand was a reason for an insane amount of vigilance . I mean is there actually any anywhere?
2 I was under the impression that Tigers were female Lions
3 I was scared of ugly people

Its hard to recapture , but I do have a definite sense that it was me in there all along , I wonder if that right , that there an indivisible you that survives so much time and change . Dare I say it , a soul. As I `ve got older I have become increasingly uncomfortable with abortion. They can be kept alive for man earlier stage and so we shift the goal posts . I wonder, if so much can change, and yet all the while there is an “I”...is the ability to survive an especially relevant boundary ?

So I become doubtful of the woman’s right to choose. I am on the other hand not messing with the woman’s right to shoes . Indeed, there should be more females in many males dominated careers areas, like train drivers

A woman’s right to choo choos ?


Anonymous said...

Hmn, wonder what the inspiration for this little gem was ;-)

When you and all the pundits can become pregnant then and only then are you in a position to comment on a womans right to choose to continue carrying that baby and feeding it with your own body. And only then when you can be pregnant for her. Pregnancy can literally rip a woman apart, cause all sorts of health issues and can cause death. It can only be an individuals choice to continue with that circumstance. If she chooses not to, for whatever reason, it then becomes someone elses choice whether they help her or leave her to dubious practices which in themselves court death. It must also be her choice to have a child and give it up when she knows it exists, somewhere, and knows she gave it up. There are a lot of issues involved in this and men who know sod all about the process, with respect, shouldn't pressure a woman either way.

I have known a married woman forced into abortion by her husband who said he would leave her. She had the abortion, he left her anyway. I know another who used it as a form of contraception because she'd unintentionally got pregnant by a married man who wanted nothing more to do with her when he found out. Shame was her only future if she had not 'disposed of the problem'. And that was what I was supposed to do, pressured by a bloke. I chose not to. It was my choice, my choice and I embrace the consequences I chose. Some people would say the child is his too and I say not really - he abandoned me and it and wanted the child killed and tried to make it happen. Any dick can father a child but it takes a special Man to be a Dad.

Actually there is some merit in the pundits post about this issue but I would say to you that choosing to be pregnant is not the same as choosing shoes. I think you know that ;-)

Newmania said...

Nothing you say sounds bad or wrong to me Anon...I don1`t pretend to have a divine insight ...

Devil's Kitchen said...

"1 On any beach the fear of quick-sand was a reason for an insane amount of vigilance . I mean is there actually any anywhere?"

Ha ha! Me too!

Yes, there's a load around Mont Saint Michele in Normandy, for sure...


Newmania said...

Allo ...bit of an honour ...I was fascinated by the Pickled politcs thing

Anonymous said...

I've heard tell there's quicksand in Poole Harbour.

Urban myth?

Newmania said...

Not exactly Urban

Little Black Sambo said...

Plenty of quicksand in Morecambe Bay.

Newmania said...

ouch LBS..... a niop in the air up in those parts is there not

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