Friday, October 19, 2007

How The EU Works

Brown has introduced 3000 new laws and rising . As Nick Clegg complained at times new laws are enacted so quickly the old ones haven`t even taken effect. He is unlikely to mention one of the real reasons though ;the EU. The following exmaple tells us a lot about the mysteriously fidgety shambles of our legislation

ID cards.

As you know, these are unpopular in the UK, and we haven't had them since WWII. The EU has decided that all EU citizens MUST have ID cards. therefore Britain will be forced to introduce them. The Labour government, realising the difficulty of forcing a FOREIGN ID card system on its own people against the wishes of the British people, decided that the best solution was to pre-empt the EU directive and come up with its own ID Card scheme crafted in its own image.
Many EU laws now forced onto us under Maastricht are effectively "covered-up" by the government pre-emptively introducing its own legislation on the same issues - which is a key reason why Labour have introduced so many new laws.

Cost of ID cards - Government say £5 billion, Others say £20 billion
Total Social Payment budget - About £90 billion
National debt - About £30 billion plus another £30 billion off balance sheet


Mermaid of Moorgate said...

I put up an article about how Thatcher discouraged borrowing in the kitchen. someone saw me and said: "I've never voted but now I am going to vote Conservative cos Labour are screwing us over."

Even after her political death, Thatcher lives on.

Ed said...

N, there is an added complexity:

The EU legislation on ID cards and data privacy etc. was instigated by our own government.

Unpopular measures are floated in Europe so that if there's a backlash our leaders can say "oh but it's Europe so we don't have any choice".

Travis Bickle said...

See our MPs will be getting a few extra weeks off a year, probably because there's not much left for them to do once Brussels have decided our laws.

Nice "work" if you can get it.

Newmania said...

mermaid ..good to hear. The thing is that Thatch changed and her rhetoric was far more extreme than what she actually did.Which Thatcher lives on , the real one or the Spitting image Puppet

Newmania said...

That really is fasninating Ed and reminds me alot of the position with housing and planning

Newmania said...

TB you will be amazed but I was asked to out myself on the list by the local Party . If you had the time and money I really doin1t think being an MP is that hard

( Not that well paid come to think of it )

Ed said...

I think MPs do comfortably!

They get 100,000 or so and then shed loads of perks like mortgage relief for the second home (even after they have paid the mortgage off) and travel and secretaries etc. etc.

MPs do pretty much have to shelve their principles a lot of the time though to toe the party line.

Newmania said...

Thats not too bad is it Ed and honmestly it is soemthing you or I could could easily do . I ve met a few and they really aren`t very impressive people

Ed said...

That's the problem isn't it. Sensible people generally don't want to be MPs because they have proper careers so it's left to the second rate lot to fill the seats.

There are some good MPs but most of them are party hacks who have never worked in the "real world".

Travis Bickle said...

Oh well most of them might be lazy, overpaid (for what they do) bastards but at least they're our lazy overpaid bastards, not some unelected twat creaming lucrative expenses between Strasbourg and Brussels.

Ed said...

Quite. And we can kick them out if we want to, which at least keeps some of them on their toes.

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