Friday, October 19, 2007

Look Back In Anger

It is worth reading exactly what Labour wrote in the Manifesto about the old constitution, on which they were prepared to offer a referendum...

"The EU now has 25 members and will continue to expand. The new Constitutional Treaty ensures the new Europe can work effectively, and that Britain keeps control of key national interests like foreign policy, taxation, social security and defence. The Treaty sets out what the EU can do and what it cannot. It strengthens the voice of national parliaments and governments in EU affairs. It is a good treaty for Britain and for the new Europe.We will put it to the British people in a referendum and campaign whole-heartedly for a ‘Yes’ vote to keep Britain a leading nation in Europe.

Just take a look back at the manifesto, which promised a referendum, and in the coming weeks whenever you hear a politician claiming one is not needed as the red lines protect "key national interests like foreign policy, taxation, social security and defence" or that "It strengthens the voice of national parliaments and governments in EU affairs" recognise that these are hollow argument because so, they claimed, did the last treaty, where they promised the public a referendum

Quote from Labour 2005 Manifesto


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thankyou for digging this out.

It's incredible they are lying about this when everyone knows they are lying.

Still, I suppose Labour are such hardened liars it's water off a DB.

Newmania said...

Hi WW....pinched it from a commenter on Guuidot actually

Anonymous said...


I've just posted this to David Miliband's website:

Dear David Miliband,

In the past you have emphasised the demand for bottom-up rather than top-down approaches to government and PM Brown has promised more open government. Are such promises anything more than meaningless soundbites?

For the report of the parliamentary EU scrutiny committee on the new EU Treaty criticises, among other things, the essential secrecy surrounding the new EU Treaty and the rushed and secretive manner with which it has been drafted.

It is surely scandalous, undemocratic and of huge concern that Britain, government Ministers and government departments were given just 48 hours’ notice of the details in the European Union reform treaty before being asked to agree to it.

The scrutiny committee has asked for clarification of the 'Red Lines' - the treaty opt-outs which the Prime Minister claims make a popular vote unnecessary - and have questioned whether these red lines will be effective.

In addition, the committee has suggested that a requirement for national parliaments to contribute to "the good functioning of the Union" may contradict the Bill of Rights, which protects the UK's Parliament from being placed under legal obligations by any outside body, the MPs said.

They added: "In our view, the imposition of such a legal duty on the Parliament of this country is objectionable as a matter of principle and must be resisted."
Senior Labour MP, Gisela, who helped draft the constitution, has dismissed the "red lines" - the treaty opt-outs which the Prime Minister claims make a popular vote unnecessary - as "red herrings", saying that they were also present in the earlier constitution on which Labour promised a referendum. Ms Stuart stated: "It's a matter of trust and integrity. A referendum was promised. It should be delivered"..."If Labour can't trust the people, why should the people trust Labour?"..."The path adopted by the Government is neither honest not coherent." (BBC news website)

Former Labour government Minister, Tony Benn has said this Treaty will result in the "death of democracy" in our country.

Here in Harlow many of us are so deeply concerned that this Treaty will create a distant, undemocratic and top down EU superstate and so angry at the government's failure to honour it's manifesto pledge to hold a Referendum on this issue of fundamental importance which will have a major influence on all of our lives that we organised a public meeting on this.

The public meeting was attended by people who support a broad spectrum of political parties, all united by our deep concern about this Treaty. Those at the meeting voted unanimously to hold our own People's Referendum on the Treaty.

Harlow's People's Referendum is staffed entirely by local volunteers at no cost to our town or council. We rely on a shoe string budget of voluntary contributions. Volunteers, some of whom are pensioners, pay our own expenses. We volunteers are working our socks off to do give the people of Harlow a say and we are heartened by the overwhelmingly positive response of the people of Harlow.

People and politicians all over our country are calling for a national Referendum.

Why does the Government refuse to listen, Mr Miliband?

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

Flo that is absolutely maginificent you really are an inspiration sometimes .

I am going out to buy a ot of books so i am not cauught out by obfuscation again. The point abou tthe read lines was that they were there before .They aren`t new

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