Monday, October 15, 2007

Blind Justice

Once envisioned as pure alabaster Blind Jutice is now a lascivious whore asking for a good seeing to. Convenience , Political Correctness and Moral Cowardice are all turning up for the gang bang

At least it could cure her headache:

By The Copenhagen Post

Published 15.10.07 10:00

A team of Danish researchers has found that having sex helps relieve even the strongest of headaches

The next time your partner says: ‘Not tonight honey, I’ve got a headache,’ you can show them the latest research results from a team of doctors at University Hospital’s sexology clinic that indicate sex actually helps relieve that painful pounding between the ears

Whether she thinks the pain in the arse is worth it is another matter


Anonymous said...

I have shown dozens of women this in a practical demonstration myself - I learned it from experience..

Newmania said...

Tyats what we need Multley ...hands on !

45govt said...

V funny Mr N.!! Perhaps Gordo is missing out on that pain in the arse, he certainly looks like he's got a headache.

Newmania said...

I have often thought he was probably that way inclined

Anonymous said...

Newms -

I didn't know you read DK. I'd have thought his libertarianism wasn't your bag.

Newmania said...

Oh sometimes Lud...I `m not against alittle Libertarianism but you are right..basically i think he should be thrashed and made to stand for the national anthem

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