Monday, October 15, 2007

Burn Them With Ice

Frost bite . Ice can burn !

After a tremendous weekend of achievement there will be a temptation to gloat which I intend to give in to. The Labour Party have bravely run away at the first sniff of cordite smashing the Harriet Haraman-isation of yore . Iain Duncan Smith is reputed to have reacted to Burnham’s admission that marriage should be supported with one word “Shameless”. They have recanted their faith in Road tolls opting for mix and match local approach identical to the Conservatives . We know of course they currently stand like a guilty school girl in mummies big shoes with a sop to the IHT revolt. They have not begun to understand what it was all about though which was the principle that after tax I own what is mine not provisionally but eternally until I lose it or sell it .Nor are they likely to make much headway pointing at unearned property appreciation when people are sacrificing everything to be involved and it is mostly driven by immigration anyway.
Blairy beasts are creeping from the night to wards the camp fire and behind dangerously glittering eyes fatty Falconer has started muttering about the lack of a vision .
A vision , of course, is something you take to the electorate and hope to gain their mandate to enact . Not something you demonstarte whilst in power.

Les Bleus en Angleterre are soaring majestically aloft with a five point lead over the Labour Party and there is every reason to hope this will improve with the Lisbon summit to come where Flash Gordon will be obliged to dig furiously despite being in a deep deep mendacious hole on Europe . Brown’s plot to come back bloody and unbowed squealing “ red lines “, is prepared for . I fully expect Devil’s Kitchen to write his script in anticipation for the amusement of one and all.

On top of this as I may have mentioned England out beefed Les Bleus en France with a performance nothing like as stoic as some have suggested. In fact they threw the ball out whenever it seems advantageous to do so and I won`t have this Southern hemisphere whinging . What , I ask , do you call the 7th and 8th place pay off . Answer “The Bledisloe, cup”

Wilko and Cameron face similar problems now . Rewoodite cavaliers may be tempted t go haring off after the stragglers where they will be picked off by BBC snipers. The discipline of a balanced approach to the country may be abandoned in the thrill of it all . this would be fatal for the Conservative Party. I would suggest changing tack completely and diving into Labour territory with some serious thinking on the demographic time bomb of care for the elderly . England`s rugby players similarly risk losing focus and discipline. They have won so far by being more in the zone than their opponents and they will have to maintain superhuman levels of intensity to beat South Africa .

If there is one thing that defines a winner its how he reacts when victory is near but not won. Does he get the proverbial nose bleed in the penalty area and sky the ball of does he carefully pick his spot and administer the coup de grace with a deadly control. Keep to the middle ground Cameron. Maintain the intensity England .

Burn them with ice !

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