Thursday, September 13, 2007

Jihad For Love

A Jihad For Love,( At Toronto Film Festival) is a documentary Indian filmmaker Parvez Sharma drafted in the six years following the September 11th 2001 attacks in New York.
In that time, Sharma followed the experiences of gay Muslims in 12 countries, including India, Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa and France.
"We are presenting Islam's most unlikely storytellers," Sharma told the Hollywood Reporter.
(Pink news)

There are several errors you can fall into over Islam. The most obvious is to define Muslims as victims and fail to criticise them at all. Even so indefatigable a gay rights warrior as Peter Tatchell ( for whom I have a sneaky admiration), balanced up his criticism of Islam with the suggestion that they too were discriminated against. So what who isn’t in some way ?
Nonetheless he can see little to applaud even from the public face of British Muslims “The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) has rejected talks with gay organisations and rebuffed proposals to tackle homophobia within the Muslim community.”....

Others claim that the Monotheistic religions are equally societally backward . The argument goes like this ( From Brian Whittacker)
“It is true, of course, that most Muslims today regard homosexuality as bad ......but this is a product of society rather than their religion. The vast majority of Christians and Jews held a similar view half a century ago but since then significant bodies of opinion in Judaism and Christianity have begun to question it. “......... he had to admit ...
“many Muslims..., denounce gay people as "paedophiles and Aids carriers" and likening homosexuality to a "cancer tumour" that must be eradicated, “.

My suspicion is that the doves that can be found are in tiny numbers and this is really the usual Politically correct confusion dealing with a victim who has a victim.I also dispute the equivalence of theologies posited

.In fact, the verses from the Koran condemning homosexuality are much clearer than those that the Christians use and tolerance in Chistianity has an old tradition stemming from its greater emphasis on love.
In all Muslim countries and all areas where the Islamic Sharia law is enforced homosexuality is strictly illegal. The debates in Islam about homosexuality are not about whether it is acceptable, but merely about how severe the punishment should be.. George Broadhead, noted ...the penalties for those convicted ranged from prison, flogging, execution by a variety of perverted methods – such as throwing the victim off a cliff or pushing a stone wall on to them. "The record of these countries on human rights in general is bad enough, but when it comes to gay human rights, they are disgusting"" Many of the Imams come directly from this wider world and oddly their message seems to appeal particularly to those who appear Westernized.

This film is a cultural attack by innocent fifth collumnists.The first Muslim "gay wedding" in Britain is also behind us and although the participants may not see it they are rotting this stinking old fruit from its centre.It could well be that feminisim , gay rights and free speech will prove our most potent weapons against international theocratic fascism and its 'useful idiot' sympathisers


Wrinkled Weasel said...

Mr Tatchell (for whom I have a sneaking admiration) cannot have it both ways.

His PC instincts tell him it is wrong to persecute Muslims, but his gay persona must inform him that Islam is totally opposed to his orientation.

To seek out and punish wrongdoers and theocratic fascists is not persecution - it is justice. It is the duty of our security services.

The balancing act is to not seek to create scapegoats by simply replacing one persecuted community with another.

Muslims have no place in our society while they are actively seeking to overthrow all we hold dear, including protection for minorities, however noisy and obnoxious they may be.

Newmania said...

Muslims have no place in our society while they are actively seeking to overthrow all we hold dear,

I am not as extreme as that. In small numbers they are not a threat . Its all about the numbers . High fences make good neighbours .

Nice to see you WW

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Thank you Newmania. I enjoy reading your blog.

CityUnslicker said...

In a strange mood today, I think one thing that I and other are guilty of is tarring all muslims with one brush.

There are many billions of muslim people, some jihad nutters, some gay and lesbian. Truly a wide variety.

I hate political islam and agree with the many suggested ways of trying to destory this cancer in the world; but it is not all of islam, even if it is growing quickly.

Some of our rhetoric sounds odd sometimes. It is as if the muslims accsued all of us who are jwes or chrisitans with being zionists or born-again loons

Newmania said...

Well thats the idea isn`t it CU of the equivalence arguement but Islam is not ( IMHO) coincidentally so very much more intolerant and aggressive than Judaism and christianity it is part of its makes up .

For my Godwin`s law prize how does he sentence " Aren`t we tarring all these Nazis with the same brush ?" sound

There is obviouly some truth in what you say but surveys of the sttitudes of Muslims in Britasin paint a bleak picture on attitudes and so on

Anonymous said...

I once snogged a Muslim bloke - true fact...

Newmania said...

I `m shocked ....twice

Raedwald said...

MMmm. There's a deep and prevalent misunderstanding in the west of the interaction of cultural and Islamic social mores. In North African culture, men who have sex with men are very common - but being the 'stooper' rather than the 'stabber' has negative social connotations. In close male friendships it is also common once the 'stabber' gets married for the 'stooper' to adopt this role with a new younger male partner until he, too, gets married. Such men would be truly highly offended at being called gay, and a western gay lifestyle is an abomination.

In black African culture man-on-man sex is not viewed anywhere near as pragmatically as in North Africa, and a 'gay lifestyle' is particularly offensive. What is quite OK for Moroccan muslims is deadly sin for Nigerian muslims - and for Nigerian Christians, too.

In Indonesia and parts of muslim south-east asia a fairly relaxed attitude is taken to sex between men, but again gay lifestyles are abhored.

Complicated, isn't it?

I suspect in the UK, too, there is a general tolerance of man on man sex acts so long as they remain hidden, but many (including me) are still very uncomfortable with gay men parodying normal lifestyles.

I suspect that cultural attitudes shape local religious interpretations, and not that Islamic dogma shapes social norms.

Newmania said...

Interesting R. I find I `m pretty relaxed about it all here so long asd they don`t shove it in your face...(metaphorically)

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