Friday, September 14, 2007

Cat Quits Bag

Taken from LabourHome, uttered by "doctordunc":
"This is frankly terrifying! So you're saying we needed Thatcher to reform the unions? I hope nobody on ConservativeHome spots this thread!!"

Stolen from Dizzy who stole it from Con Home ...pass it on and this was on a Compas thread

'Anyone who has seen the photo of Brown and Thatcher together in today's newspapers, must wonder if there is anything remotely resembling a Labour Government left ... to support.

Jon Teunon.

If I were them I wouldn`t worry its only Brown lying as usual


Croydonian said...

Nope, Dizz found it independently of C Home, and we both had a huge virtual snigger about it before he posted it.

One of the few pleasures of having your party in opposition is watching the other team's supporters writhing over ever 'betrayal' etc.

Newmania said...

oooo who wants a scoobie snack then!

Atlas shrug said...

Listen mate they are right as far as they are concerned. They believe Thatcher was a Fascist.

But some of the less brainwashed ones can now plainly see that she was in fact a slim blue pussy cat compared to Brown.

Libertarians like myself used to complain about some of Thatchers less then liberal traits. However the last ten years have made all libertarians left and right almost suicidally depressed.

Dr Sean Gabb has repeatedly given up the fight and withdrawn the troops from what he sees as a hopeless battle. Sean might be a manic depressive but he is one of the few people that are truly seeing the writing on the wall.

Which is far worse then anything jack the ripper ever wrote on one.

IMHO Cameron cant save the British people because even if he gets elected, no one can now. I do still hope that I am wrong.

If the Tory party had any sense it would keep its head down and mouth shut and then wait for the shit to really hit the fan.

There is no point or need to talk this economy down and much less point in being accused of doing so.

The momentum is set and the BBC's propaganda is in high gear, spinning this coming disaster the real Fascists way.

My job as should be yours, is to require that any Conservative government in power acts with libertarian thinking at its core.

New World Order or no New World Order.

NOTHING in party politics is worth a jot without individual liberty, whatever the really powerful people in the world conspire to do.

It lends democracy its only moral claim to rule over its people in the first place. Without it all the government jobs, match box houses, and very bad politically motivated health care and education in the universe is not going to last here to long anyway.

The private sector will last. But only politicians and managers of corporate bodies will be able to afford to use it. The rest will be left to take the OLD PERSONS PILL after digging their own graves.

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