Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Guilty Pleasure Of Simon Heffer

A fascinating little tale in private Eye this morning telling us that the Boy King Cameron actually went to professional thorn in the side ,Heffer`, Holiday home, to have it out with the Wagnerian foamer. During his holiday in Brittany last month, the Tory leader was having lunch with Lord Marland , ( Our splendid treasurer), who let slip that Hefferlump might be found in his time -share in Dinard.
Cameron hopped like furious Rumplestiltskin until the exasperated grandee agreed they would pay a visit to the camp curmudgeon’s eyrie, where , no doubt, Dave intended to remonstrate with him for continuing to be Brown’s useful idiot .

I have a feeling that confronted with the consequences of his irresponsibility Heffer might actually have shuffled like a shameful school boy before the golden one . Sadly there was nought but a bucket and spade and a Margaret Thatcher duvet set to show he had ever been there .He was motoring in the Bavarian Alps at the time dreaming , who knows what, in the land of the lederhosen and Nazi Party.

Simon Heffer does rather irritate me at times but there remains a guilty pleasure in reading his endlessly refreshed outrage. Today he is worrying away at the exclusion of Her Majesty from our Passports emboldened by the kindness shown by Gunter Verheugen in allowing us to use our own measurements ...oh god please give me gallons back please..... he puts it rather neatly

“ I am not a citizen of the bloody European Union except on a technicality. I am an Englishman and a subject of Her Majesty The Queen. I wish to remain that way and when I go abroad I wish that last point to be made abundantly clear on my Passport”.
Quite . Today there was an engaging moment of self deprecation.How about this for introducing his next point “ Just as I was moving into a hitherto unexplored region of apoplexy at this atrocity, however, something rather remarkable happened.......”

Hard not to like someone who writes like that isn’t it and with Cameron gearing up to force Brown onto the ropes on the EU constitution Mr. Heffer might actually be tempted to offer some support. Come on Heff, knuckle under,or we send the Boys round !


Steven_L said...

Heffer has a time-share?

I'd love to slam that ginger twat with an over-priced timeshare!

Newmania said...

No he has a sumptuous holiday home ..I was kidding

idle said...

Cameron knows what he must do, were he to wish to win the support of Heffer, and I bet you a pint that, were Cameron to start doing and saying those things, we would all be roaring our support, whilst the poll figures improved.

And Heffer is no "useful idiot". Bercow, Mercer, Digby Jones, Ken Clarke and Hezza when it comes to Europe - those are the eejits, working with the Labour party.

Heffer is not an attractive character, I'll admit. But he is a conservative, and advocates conservative principles and policies. Cameron, on the other hand, has quite a popular personality, yet many who agree with that statement do not also see him as consistent, pricipled, or competent.

Newmania said...

idle you would,lose that pint and I do like Heffer...I didn1t mean to be anti Heffer but he might be abot more constructive at times.

The traitors you mention ...well words fail me with them . Just disgraceful.

I disagree with you on Cameron but I think it is silly to seek out hairline fractures of opinion when the Labour Party combines groups that flat out detest eachother.

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