Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Sun Attacks Brown

Today the country`s most influential Political Paper tuned on Brown like a rabid dog. I was amazed at the vitriol being unleashed upon him when I thought he had gone to great lengths to woo the non lefty Press. I have typed sections the hope of reaching a smaller but perfectly formed audience. This is part of what Jon Gaunt had to say. (BTW Dizzy, despite his flattering portrait, actually looks a lot like Jon Gaunt )

“Do you want to know what’s wrong with the country, get yourself down to the London Chest Hospital in Bethnal Green and check out the sign in the Out Patients Clinic.” Patients needing trust interpreters will be given priority”…..Immigrants who can’t even speak English are being given priority treatment in hospitals while English speaking tax paying Brits have to wait hours for treatment …… When Gordon Brown played his hard man act on immigration yesterday and said immigrants must speak English,I too felt sick ,because as per usual with New Labour its too little too late in any language .
Gordon getting tough on immigration is the political equivalent of Crackerjack’s Stu Francis saying he wants to crush a grape or tear a tissue. For a start Brown is talking about only the skilled immigrants which amounts to about 95000 a year. Whats he doing about the thousands who are already here who can’t spell A and E let alone casualty. How have we got into this position in the first place ……Last year we spent £100,000,000 on translators and so called health tourism cost the tax payer £62,000,000. If people want to live in the UK they should have to go through a tougher points system- like in the States and Australia- and score very highly to have to privilege of living in the greatest country in the world.

These tests must include compulsory medicals and proof that the migrant has the necessarily skills we need and the ability to support themselves. So when Gordon plays to the gallery of dinosaurs at the TUC and says this “Tough ”policy will reduce the numbers of people entering Britain by 35,000, are we all meant to rejoice? British jobs have already been given to foreigners, ruthless employers are deflating Brit wages by employing illegals or cheap Eastern Europeans and the work shy and long term useless have been given a brilliant excuse to stay in their stinking pits leeching off the rest of us .
At the same time there are at least 500,000 illegals in the UK and senior cabinet ministers are ready to give these criminals an amnesty. What they should be doing is closing the borders stopping almost all immigration and until we know who is in the country and rounding up the illegals and deporting them in their thousands.Settling in the UK should be a hard earned privilege not a right. But as usual New Labour will talk a good game and tinker with the edges until its too late as they constantly shut the lorry door after the illegal has bolted“.

I liked this as well “Best laugh I `ve had all week was the graffiti on top of a London bus that declared !” Livingstone is a c-----”... I lost count of the number of cabbies who nearly drive off the road as they recounted the story. But the Police are taking this very seriously and are looking for someone with a grudge against the Mayor. Form an orderly queue please I feel an “ I`m Spartacus “ moment coming on.”

I `m not sure some of this posturing gets us anywhere but there isn’t an awful ,lot I would seriously disagree with. I reported here the Mail has turned on Gordon and I think it is now abundantly clear that the The Sun hates him. His bounce has collapsed and the Unions now want to collect their scoobie snacks for supporting him.If I were him I would still go for it now.

He is not far off from seriously slipping up and if Cameron sticks resolutely to the centre and continues to be the pivot of a Catherine wheel of ideas I really think this GE is winnable. Not all the ideas are perfect but they all say ‘new and thoughtful’, and I believe they are. There is a sense of intellectual excitement about the Conservative Party whereas the bizarre Phoenix “ New brown’ is already looking like a manky old pigeon. There is a place for Redwood and for the Zacolytes, for Willets and for Boris, for Hague and most of all for David Cameron himself.For the first time I see a spectrum that draws the threads together in broad agreement on core principles. David Cameron wants to change this country for the better and he has both the courage and the ruthlessness to do it. The best Conservative leaders have always been the ones they turned when they were in the merde. Dizzy , Winnie Maggie and now the new jewel in the crown of the party’s glorious history David Cameron. The young outsider who dared tell the party the truth and god bless it, it knew he was right.

Treason ( You gimp Mercer) cannot be tolerated . Support Caeron support Boris and save the country, simple


Anonymous said...

Newbie. You're a card. And I like you. But your punctuation? It's shite. For Christ's sake, get yourself a wp progamme that puts the correct space between the end of a sentence and the full stop (no space) and the start of a new space (stylistically variant but either one or two spaces). At the present time, it reads like you're wearing make-up on your arse-hole.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying for some time that we should all be buying the Sun newspaper every day and should let it be known that we are. I think you should start a campaign for the Sun, n.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Anon, shut your face! I like newmania's quirky punctuation -not least because I can rely on him understanding mine.

Auntie Flo'

Nick Drew said...

Yes we are perfectly formed, aren't we?

Thanks for the transcribing, Mr M, where do you get the time? you have done us another service

For my own modest part, I dream of lobbing a perfect piece of mockery into the arena, at once so compelling and lyrical it obtains the currency of a nursey rhyme

and in generations to come, children will need to be taught who bastard mcbroon was

but now it is past midnight and I must drive several miles tomorrow

Newmania said...

What is it then. No space ay the end and One or two at the begginning? I must admit I have given it not one seconds thought in my life. People do get very cross don`t they...

Thanks Flo shut your face is such a cute insult

ND Your efforts on Idle were the best I`ve seen by you, really funny. I think there are already people who need to be taught who the shite Blair was

Anonymous said... reads like you're wearing make-up on your arse-hole.

LOL. Now that's funny.

Stan!! said...

Gordo's got The Sun and the Unions up against him. Europe becomes an even more daunting challenge for looks like the honeymoon is over.
But then Brown is automatically crippled by a large inheritance from Blair. Along with the unpopular war in Iraq, and anger over pay and public services, we should not forget the May election results (many Tories seem to have done just that). Labour was driven out of office in the Scottish Parliament, a body it created, and in Wales it received its lowest vote since 1918.
The morale of the Labour membership in general is low. Membership has dropped to under 190,000 today. At the same time, Cameron's ability to identify and articulate the worries of voters should not be underestimated...

Newmania said...

Lud ...yes sigh ..that was funny wasn`t it. Oh well if your going to be abused let it be in a witty way I suppose ...( mutter mutter)

Newmania said...

I think Stan that victory may still be difficult but it is entirely possible to box brown into a corner and send him off on spavined hippity hop into lame duck territory. His position of Europe and England is exceedingly difficult ...and interest rates hit record highs today

Ed said...

At our work lunch yesterday we were talking about whether Brown would be forced to hold a referendum or not. Most people thought that he could force the treaty through without one but as his momentum fades "allowing" a referendum may be the only card he has left up his sleeve. Many in his party are against him, the unions are coming up to the boil over the 2% payrise, the people are hacked off with having decisions made in their name over which they have no influence.

Cameron needs to push and push and push so more. So do all politicians and ordinary folk who don't like what is happening, irrespective of party allegiance.

We are at a crossroads, I think a decent push in the right direction will dislodge this New New Labour government. Does nobody else fume daily at the Prime Minister we have who has never fought a competitive election?

Mermaid of Moorgate said...

In that case I will pretend I am foreign and only use sign language to communicate. One finger up at this policy will be a start.

Newmania said...

Does nobody else fume daily at the Prime Minister we have who has never fought a competitive election?

Whatinfuriate me is this whole absurd fiction that there us anything new about Brown ?I agree there is a chance, a real chance

Newmania said...

One finger up at this policy will be a start.

YOu would be good on Vision on MM...I `m sorry ...but ...oh just fuck off will you

Ed said...

Livingstone is a c---!!!

Newmania said...

oh just fuck off will you

Not you MM of course, I mean the Vision On Audience..eeek sorry

Chris Paul said...

Barmy gibberish ... even by your standards. And commenting on your own comments nine to the dozen? Then there are the quick fire sock puppets .... you should check their IPs.

Newmania said...

Chris , I need a translator to understand your blogese. I have no idea what you are on about . This was a Sun article

Anonymous said...

newmania said:

Gordon getting tough on immigration is the political equivalent of Crackerjack’s Stu Francis saying he wants to crush a grape or tear a tissue.

Lovely analogy, n, for we are beginning to see that idiot Brown's idea of policy making is to hide beneath the crackerjack hat from the consequences of the numerous crises he's instigated, while he desperately tries not to drop the cabbage.

Who was it who said you can tell a man's life history from the way he wears his hat?

B ruin's crackerjack hat is a political bubble of infrastructural indifference and evasion.

Within it B ruin follows his habitual pattern of cost cutting while squandering billions on sustaining his own squalid regime. All the while he hides from the dire consequences for the rest of us.

We see the shadow of evasiveness cast by that bubble hat reflected in crisis after crisis. Crises as dialectically different, yet identical, as the latest Foot and Mouth b*lls up, Flooding, our bankrupt NHS, the underfunded mess in Iraq, the Midlothian question, uncontrolled immigration, our housing crisis.

Indeed, we see it in just about everything Mr B ruin touches.

Auntie Flo'

Newmania said...

There was a lovely item in Private Eye Flo advertising for a new manager at Pirbright....ho ho

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