Monday, July 16, 2007

In A Sentence

Good new for Boris . Andrew Neill put it to the rat-fink Campbell he..” Should go and run Boris Johnson’s campaign “. Campbell replied “ I would rather die “…oh make it so ..make it so…

In the sixties the lefts sycophantic attitude to lefty illiberal regimes and demonising of the West was in full swing . One chant was “ Hey hey , LBJ , how many kids did you kill today “. The response from jeering bystanders was “ Ho Ho Ho chi Minh , how many kids have you done in “

Ethnic minorities are estimated by the government at 6.75 %of the population . Is that right really ? Its over 50% of London and the midlands …I`m struggling to reconcile these ”facts “. Anyway Ethnic minorities make up 29 %of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate and 30% of the Immigration Service. I`m saying nuffin.

Over 10% of the Australian Government’s revenue comes from gambling( coo)

Do you recall the attempt to rebrand the DTI the Dept. of Productivity Energy and Industry. The P-roductivity, EN-ergy and I-dustry S-ecretary didn`t like his acronym but I have a new word I want to try “aptronym”. It means an especially apt name and I `m sure it was . (I may be accused of sesquipedalianism though, hope so)

Lots of votes in being heard not being nice to Jews, even if you explain it away as not being serious or a reaction to intolerable provocation

( The magnificent HG made this last remark ...tells you all, you need to know about Ken in a sentence")


Jenny! said...

Hi! I am the 1st comment, and I have nothing! I feel like a retard reading your blog, as I am usually clueless!

Newmania said...

Jenny I feel the same when I look at your very Literary blog. Doesn`t hurt to be friendly though does it

Ed said...

Overall numbers are not the issue, it's the relative concentrations in different areas. Tower Hamlets is the most "diverse" but Havering is something like 98% white. Odd.

It's because the inner city was abandoned because middle class parents were forced to send their kids to sink comps - so they moved out.

Newmania said...

Thats one reason. I also do not belive the suppsoed overall figures though , not by a damn long way. I was more interested in the immigration service here though

Ed said...

Surely the IND should be pursuing an active recruitment policy to get more under-represented ethnic groups to apply (i.e. whites)?

Newmania said...

Ha ha ha Ed...very good . That wopuld cause a stir wouldn`t it . You could say the same thing about white working class boys educayionally . By far the worse. Quotas for UNI?

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