Tuesday, July 17, 2007

No Time To Go Wobbly

After the poor Polls there has been a certain amount of deluded moaning about David Cameron`s strategy of occupying the centre . I have already argued at length that such foolishness can only deliver us a further period of socialism,. I am glad to see that the Party is not wobbling. This from Politcs .co.uk

”Senior Tories have insisted the party will keep to the centre ground rather than retreating to the right. This follows calls from Edward Leigh, president of the Cornerstone group of MPs for a traditional policy focus on "low taxation, deregulation, strong immigration controls and strong defence".
Shadow chancellor George Osborne insisted the Tories will remain in the mainstream. He told BBC's Sunday AM:"We are not changing our strategy".
He also firmly rebutted suggestions the party may oust Mr Cameron, insisting there was "no prospect" of a leadership change. Mr Cameron's modernising strategy had made the Conservatives "real players" again, Mr Osborne said, pointing to the party's recent election gains.”

Hopefully this will calm the girls who have had a fit of the vapors and we can get on with grown up politics . I have high hopes that Boris will reignite the Conservative flame and there is another enticing possibility .

Brown is now the PM , for years he has been able to be all things to all me of the Left. Remember that Polly Toynbee and the New Statesman have been energetic in attacking the Blair left flank and Gordon has been their prince over the water . With an election to win he has immediately hoved to the safe shores of the centre promoting academies and laughing off the Deputy leadership elections Catherine wheel of (eeek) socialism. Peter Hain will not be getting income redistribution , well not in public anyway. As we approach the real thing he knows that to win overall and especially in England which he must do , he has to stick his spotty Scottish arse far into the land of the right . If the Labour Party rank and file start to wonder if they`ve been `ad then we are in a whole new game .
Thus far they are beating us with greater discipline and political dishonesty. We will never match the mendacity of the believers but we can at least attempt the first.

Support David Cameron. Support the Party. Save the Country


Ed said...

I dread to think how you know that Brown's arse is spotty. This is the kind of story the tabloids are made of!!

istanbultory said...

The next election is about building a broad church of support against a government that sees itself as being entrenched and able to do what it likes without any concern for checks and balances. Retreating to the undiluted Thatcherism of yesteryear will bring us 32% of the vote and consign us to continuing opposition. Denying the obvious is not a remedy....We now have to fight on slithery, centrist territory that is difficult for us to adapt to.

Newmania said...

that is difficult for us to adapt to.

It is because there is a necessarry dishonesty about adapting your core veliefs . Nonetheless its that or lose

istanbultory said...

its that or lose.

electro-kevin said...

The Tories winning would deliver us a further period of socialism too.

This isn't the Tory party I used to vote for.

Newmania said...

EK are you going all fundementalist on me ? Its a question of achieving what you can and starting from where we are not where we were.

Ed said...

I agree, although Cameron's policies may not suit you ideally, they are guaranteed to be MUCH better than anything Brown thinks he can do if he wins the next election.

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