Monday, July 16, 2007

Hold fast !

I have been in a state of misery since the poor Polls at the weekend. They show a seven point lead to Brown and there is not any other way to look at it than with dismay . This is the point when the Conservative Party must not lose its nerve . In fact it should be stiffening its sinews and gathering together. I posted this on dale and as Judith liked it I am putting it up here as well.

“Cameron is doing a great job . Brown has tribes of hagiographers working day and night at the BBC and they have been on overtime this last month. In addition the economy has performed well over ten years despite the Labour Party who are perversely they are credited with this . It was always going to be a “big ask” to dislodge a Party who have presided over a period of relative calm and affluence as well as being utterly committed to power at all costs whatever lie must be told . ..and they will say anything.
My advice is play the ball not the game. he first thing that all Conservatives can do is to stop treating politics like a school debate decide who they dislike least and start advocating . We have the product so what we do now is sell it , not sit around whining about a few private peccadilloes that are not on the menu .In two Party Politics discipline is what wins elections . The New Labour project have excluded their own left from public debate They monitor every snippet for propaganda value . We cannot go on being a come as you are soirée confronted with ranks of dead eyed storm troopers
Perhaps it will take two elections as it did for the Labour Party during the Major years , perhaps it will take a disaster , it will come , they have no idea what they are doing. The tectonic plates are shifting on Europe .The break up of the Union will also yield opportunities but if Conservatives and those of the right are going to behave like scabs then we should get our collective coat. When are the bleaters and swivel eyed anachronistic show boaters going to realise , this Party is no longer the natural Party of Government and if it going to be it has to include many who currently vote Liberal or have liberal views.

I begin to despise those, many of whom, ,lets face it , are old and are conducting a hobby having passed through peak earning to the detriment of many natural Conservatives who will be consigned to a period of far left Brownite blood sucking betrayal . Have you seen how far to the left this government has moved in ten years and do you imagine this process will stop ? We are on our way to be a Euro social model Brussels dependency with England broken up and a permanent Left centre coalition pulling the strings via PR . We are headed towards the end of the country in any recognisable form and every day new Labour immigrant voters flood into the Cities and Towns encouraged quite deliberately by the “National Government”.
Brown cannot be allowed to win and at the very least it is essential to gain at least 265 seats to block Brown`s attempt to vote himself an electoral system that will make himself invulnerable
What about asking “… not what your Party can do for you , but what you can do for the Party “

If you seriously think Brown is a better idea then continue to undermine Cameron. “

So shape up you slackers and whiners or I `ll come round and slap the taste out of your mouths


Ed said...

Hmm just the other day you were slating me for being "liberal"!!!!!

I agree, but the party had got to have principles not just a sales pitch. I mean localism is a powerful message but then why impose pet policies on councils? Let the councillors decide what is best for their areas not David Willetts...

electro-kevin said...

I think I have the answer to this question.

Come over to my place to see the answer.

Newmania said...

I have some quite Liberal views , well more socialist really on socila justice and education. I was kidding I`m sure but I have nothing agauinst a Liberal Conservtaive anyway( Pssst there are afew Labour MP s I like the sound of as well)
Think Broad church and compromise .

Ed principles are the problem . You needa wide coalition who all agree that the Party they support mote nearly reflects their views than any other.If you start putting lines in the sand you start losing. You negotiate once power is won . We cannot go on being so naieve.
I do not agree that Localism is the magic bullet and nor would you had you lived in the Margaret Hodge era in Islimgton
Frankly I think its a bit of gimmick.Yes return some power to the Boroughs but they are not workable democratic entities for education say. What would happen in the Muslim majority Boroughs ?
What about the minorites .
Mrs T was the one who had enough of these tinpot soviets and there are limits to localism still

Ed said...

N what I am saying is that you have to have a stance which stands up to scrutiny, whatever it might be. It's no good for DC to say "let the people decide, but only if it fits in with what we say" - that's the kind of nonsense Labour come up with. If we are to have positions, we have to be happy with the consequences of those positions.

Newmania said...

You are probably right Ed

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