Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Gollum Brown( He Wants it ...)

The suggestion that Brown was a moral politician was more than I could bear and since one discerning customer liked it it goes in the Blog . Dems de rules.

Oh don`t be such a pitiful dupe . I know what it is , you sense the smack or firm leadership and all that old rubbish . You miss your nanny or more likely the executive services of Miss Whip. Gordon Brown was running domestic Policy in this country when he supported introducing the Casinos and 24 hour drinking which he may abandon because of a Press camapaign. Moral ?. Do you seriously think he managed to run the electoral campaign and not know where the money came from ? AAAAggh !!!what is the matter with you ?

Currently he is busy lying to the electorate about his intentions which are obviously not to 'listen' but are in fact to reward the supporters that put him there.His descision to hide is because he needs six months to prepare in the dark. Even now he is dismantling the academy intitiatives he pretends to support and undermining the small amount of private provison in the NHS whilst claiming he is not shifting left.

He has presided over a period in which public accounting has become an everyday poltical tool,( ie PFI funding off balance sheet).He has drven spending to the point that state governed expenditure has risen beyond Germany`s to 45% .He makes noises about British Jobs for the British but he is not doing anything to stop immigrants turning up at four times the rate they were in the nineties.

He is a liar , he is a coward and he has been thumped at PMQs by Dave , made to look like a child . His love affair with Parliament will not last beyond the election. He ran catastrophic delivery of tax credits his personal misguided and failed billion pound policy.

HOW CAN YOU CALL HIM MORAL? Because he doesn`t take the money ? Power is his drug and frankly I`d rather have someone back who liked a nice house and a holiday with Cliff to this deeply repugnant etiolated mouth breathing walking cadavre eaten with greed.

He lost his sight from writing ten year plans all night, not playing rugby( as he claims) .From then on he felt apart from normal people . He became Gollum Brown ..he wants it ...he needs it...it is his precious !

David Cameron is a leader with real courage.He was not an insider he dared tell the Party the way it is and they knew he was right.He is ,where he is ,because of clear thinking and talent.
He deserves the support of anyone determined not to see the brown Reich come to pass


Jenny! said...

How do you really fell Newmania? I don't know much about politics...but he sounds like a fuckup!

electro-kevin said...

We're doomed Newmania. You didn't move far enough away. Cameron hasn't a clue what to do either.

Hi, Jenny, haven't seen you in a while.

Newmania said...

Jenny he is a peculair person that is for sure

EK I disagre , you didn`t used to be such a cynic .Or perhaps you did ..Nice to see you anyway

Nick Drew said...

On the subject of McBroon's moral standing

isn't it fascinating that, as a convicted first-degree coward, he should publish a book on Courage in his run-up to the throne

er, Gordon, it's about your strategy for being Loved by the People...

Well man, what aboot it?

well our focus groups seem to think you're a bit of a *coughs*, well, a bit lacking in the, err ..."

Spit it oot, man!

err, that is to say ... how about we do something to ensure you are associated with, err, ... courage?

[long pause, clouds gather, birds fall silent]

Aye, well it cannae do any harrm, a wee bit of the old subliminals I suppose (aside) damnation is it that obvious?!

Newmania said...

Ha ha ha Nick I noticed that too ..brilliant !!!

Jenny! said...

Hi Electro Kevin! Last time I saw you I believe you were a horse and I was birthing your howler monkey babies! Or something like that...according to Crushed!


CityUnslicker said...

N - we will need hard hats through the winter for all the media hype.

However I spy some hope today with idiotic announcements of more homes for flood plains; surely everyone can see through this?

Nick Drew said...

Yes, CU, let him bounce as he will for a short while, he is ultimately transparent

Diablo said...

This is a very cosy site - I fear I may be out of my depth but I will keep looking in, especially if Jenny is there!

Keep bashing Brown!

Jenny! said...

Diablo...Newmania's my boy! I'll be here, but you should read his stuff...he is very knowledgeable!

Newmania said...

He is not very knowledgeable , he does not claim to .

Just another twit who reads the parer and plonks down what he finks

Anonymous said...

Exactly, newmania! Broon cannot be the cure because he is the disease.

Where was Broon when Blair was deceiving Parliament and people about his illegal invasion of Iraq?

Hiding in his bloody bunker, that's where, pretending to be no part of it while he's secretly working out how to nick more stealth taxes off of us to pay for the bombs that have killed 100,000s of innocent people.

War mongering B*st*rd!

Auntie Flo'

Ed said...

Newmania for PM! Or Cameron if you are too busy.

Cameron knows exactly what to do, but his job first is to massage the electorate and let them know the Tories aren't planning to take a wrecking ball to the country as soon as they get it. WE know they won't but the electorate remember the Poll Tax and "Black" Wednesday etc.

Newmania said...

Yes I am not impressed with heffer today but I think I am getting a bit Brown obsessed .

Tine for few gags ...and perhaps a little real work

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