Tuesday, July 24, 2007

No Serious Threat To Cameron

We know the grumbles , Ealing , Grammars and now the Rawanda vac .So does any of this amount to a serious threat to Mr Cameron's leadership?
For a number of reasons, no despite The warning, or threat, coming from top Tory donor Lord Kalms. He has turned up the pressure by clarifying his message to the party leader as "look chum, you need to do some re-thinking". , but remains supportive. There us no threat for the following reasons

Firstly, the rumblings against him are indeed mostly confined to that small group of "traditionalists" who have never supported him .Mr Hague is reassuring right-wing on Europe .Secondly, most in the Tory ranks in Westminster appear to have had enough of routinely dumping their leaders . There remains a desire, just as there was with Labour and Tony Blair in the mid-1990s, to unite behind a man they see as a potential winner, despite some misgivings . And, while Mr Brown's early success has seemed to force the Tories onto the back foot, party bosses are reminding any jittery MPs that it was only to be expected .
Then there is the question of "if not Cameron, then who"? Frontbenchers including Liam Fox and William Hague are currently out and about making speeches on issues like Europe designed to reassure those on the right of the party. But no one believes any of the right-wing candidates would currently stand a chance of replacing Mr Cameron, or are even planning to do so. David Cameron is secure and suggestions otherwise are rubbish


Ed said...

I have been told that because I support Mr Cameron I am not a Tory!


I actually judge myself to be to the right of DC on many issues but I realise that these issues aren't the pressing ones for the swing voters. DC needs to improve but he also must not fall prey to what Douglas Hurd calls the "ultras" - those who seek to oppose purely as a point scoring exercise.

Newmania said...

Jeez Ed you are quick....I noticed that , its only bloggers ..they are not as typical as they pretend to be

Jenny! said...

I think you guys need to put your heads together and come up with a dictionary type thing for me to use while reading your blogs!

Newmania said...

Nonsense Jenny the amount you read its more likely to be the other way round

Jenny! said...

I just don't know all your political terms and get a bit lost sometimes while reading...like Labour and Tories and that sort of thing...

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