Wednesday, July 25, 2007

OOOoo he`s so "Strong"

We are the worst performing economy in the Anglosphere and Britain was already surging ahead at the end of the Major period. Without the administrative an tax burdens placed on the private sector (and the swollen public sector) it would have done as well as the other free economies . A historic missed opportunity. These gains are driven by the global markets that believe in the low tax and entrepreneurial societies that Brown despises. Those actually in this sector are aware of this and this is not the problem the Conservatives have ( Those involved almost universally support the Tories). The drag on business is in front of you everyday. The problems are these

1. They no longer appear in Scotland now a client Socialist state with double counted votes and massive ( Barnett Formula) subsidy. This is in effect taxing the English , who after all voted for Conservatives by a 50,000 majority even at the last election, to pay for another country to provide them with a shade of government they do not like . Gordon Brown is entirely aware of this sophistry hence “ British” Brown and the possibility of alliance with the Liberals ( now on the back burner)

2 In England the swing seats are loaded with the 6500,000 now living on benefits but of working age and those living on the state or subsidised by the state . Turkeys, and there are ,as Labour admits, far too many , will not vote for Christmas however much Cameron reassures them.

3 The Conservative Party have allowed themselves to become associated with backward looking and image related problems mostly by being the enemy of the state funded media for the very obvious reason that they want to break it up , now more than ever. Here Cameron has made good progress and it this balance in his opposition that makes him appear less fascistically bossy than Scotch broth Brown .This temporarily attracts the voter so sickened were they with Trifle and Cream Blair but strikes me as a shallow reaction.

Labour have been fabulously lucky to inherit both the prudent management and the Union reforms of the previous period which they have not undone and have frequently acknowledged The ERM fiasco is still the Albatross around the Conservatives neck and indeed as we are aware that Brown spending and borrowing is due to sink the boat there is a some trepidation about being there to hold the baby again. It is of course ironic that Europe should be our problem when the Labour Party are currently telling the electorate the greatest lie that has ever been perpetrated on the British people about the thinly disguised Constitution. 96 % of the text is identical and although it is currently only in French but the good people of “ Open Europe” have translated it
Image and luck are everything however . This administration despite a golden opportunity has fouled up every single thing it has touched

1Tax Credits
3 NHS Computers and Recruitment
4 Unreformed Welfare
5 Crime
6 Societal Breakdown
7 Pensions and tax dishonesty
8 Selling out the country to Europe
9 Ignoring Parliament
10 Selling Honours
11 Immigration ,melt down
12 Consequent housing crisis
13 Micro Management Surveillance and ID cards

And I could go on and on and on and in great detail ……. They are rightly detested in many areas and exactly for the things that Brown is responsible for as the Socialist to Blair`s ( supposed )centrist. When the honey moon is over we will see that the Conservative Party are a lot closer than they have been in along time and in such clement conditions that is quite something. This will,at least , provoke a constitutional crisis over Scottish and English votes.

The anti Blair shtick is misconceived. Not-Blair is a good thing true in that Brown is charm less unpleasant and bossy , but Brown is not Blair for the wrong reasons. He is the one who has driven the loathed centralisation , he is the one who has increased all our taxes , he is the one who has responsible for the various delivery foul ups above . Naturally he will not be allowed to call himself New Brown for long and whilst I can understand a certain preening arrogance on the left at the recent polls , especially after having despaired , there are contradictions and lies at the heart of “ New Centre Brown”

He is Old Incompetent Left Wing Scottish Brown and hide though he will try to do , this truth cannot go unnoticed for long. Brown is himself visibly astonished to have got away with the “ and this is me “ gig at the end of the impressionist act “ . he is himself intensely conscious of his core Union vote hiving off to the BNP or apathy as he has allowed their communities to be broken up by welfare bribes and newcomers . He has been busily adding a soupcon of Nationalism to his Socialism.

Today in a interview with the Sun ( Of course) he announced he will “Set a target” to kick out half the 8000 foreign prisoners clogging up the prisons . A problem hisown government caused. This is all nonsense, it is no easier to get the other country to take them back today than it was yesterday but taken with his “British Jobs for British People “ and heavy handed attitude to English votes , the licensed racism of Hodge Blears and others, this new “ National Government “ is becoming more National Socialist by the day .
With good reason ,the second choice of the labour voter is the BNP in 35%of cases. With “All the talents “(included in two meeting a year) Brown is quick to claim he represents ,,...Everyone . He is already calling on Cameron to support Flood measures and leave Party Politics behind if it was not the oppositions job to draw to the counties attention to the fact that the River Authorities and Coucils did a much better job than this bloated Environmental Agency and once again administrative shake ups have beleaguered the system.

The one place where Brown cannot pull invisible levers where he can be seen for what he is, is in Parliament where David Cameron has duly run rings around him. It will be a good thermometer of his nascent fascism to see how long this promise to meet Parliament lasts . Not long if he gets a working majority and that must be stopped at all costs .

Conservatives stand to day against a fascistic National Socialism operating as did the Reich with big business controlled by the state the removal of personal Liberty and Flags waved at every opportunity. Whorish commentators like Lard Haw Haw Heffer are quick to purr about his “ strength “ and “ seriousness” but those who truly love this country must stand against the Brown Shirts and the brown Trousers .

Support David Cameron , this election can be won if we all stick together .Traitors sycophants and nostalgic old women are not required and have my permission to bugger off.


Anonymous said...

Too right! And he's theone who stealth taxed us to pay for Blair's illegal war. Broon was - and is - in it all up to his neck.

Auntie Flo'

Newmongia said...

Oh I see, you've taken to spamming other sites with your boring little essays, in BOLD! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Newmania, Can I ask you how to do bold and indents of quotes? I haven't a clue.

Auntie Flo'

Anonymous said...

Anyway, anyone who would give a Minister's job to Stupid Cooper has to be seriously defective.

She might have the body of a midge, but that woman has a mouth as big as the Blackwall tunnel with both her legs hanging out of it.

She calls us people "Nimbys" and "Stupid"!

How dare she! Who does that big mouthed cow think she is?

Stupid Cooper, we, the people, employ and pay you, don't pay us.


Ed said...

I like your "little" essays. I think the housing crisis isn't as simple as you suggest and is in fact deliberate.

We celebrated 15 years of uninterrupted growth this quarter. Note that 5 of those were under John Major...

C4' said...

newmongia = Chris Paul

Speaking of essays, here is mine.

Newmania said...

Ooops it was a bit long ..I didn`t realise that others felt the need to read everything , I don`t..

new mongia ...other way round , i got into my flow and it was aty the emnd of the Tuesday open thread

Ed I know that isn`t the only reason for the hosuing crisis but a v long way , it is however an aggravating facot that is often unmentioned ...until Soames brought it up which I blogged on and Heffer mentions today

istanbultory said...

One in four Tory voters say their view of Mr Brown has gone up since he took over.
60 per cent of Labour voters think Mr Brown is offering new policies and 63 per cent a new style of government.
Words fail me....

The voters want want a lot more police, more prisons and an NHS that doesn't close wards and sacks staff to make ends meet. They know its costs money and that a party promising tax cuts can't deliver both.
I have less time for "Dave" than I had a year ago. I want to hear more about stopping illegal immigrants and less of Africa. However, retreating to Thatcherite policies is offering the past to voters looking to the future!
Michael Howard promised tax cuts in 2005 and lost as I recall.

istanbultory said...

newmongia, piss off back to Bloggers4Labour...

Newmania said...

IT that is excatly how I feel , what the hell is the matter with them !!!

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