Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Brave Brave Girl

By being perceived and then cast as the wronged woman, Kate Middleton is now the media's favourite girl. Indeed, they seem in total awe of bravery which has seen the former future Queen do nothing for the past 48 hours.

According to The Daily Mail, Ms Middleton 'put on a brave face yesterday' as 'she was doing her very best to give the impression that she is resuming a normal life'.

How so?

'Smartly dressed in a designer white top and sunglasses, she left her parents' £1million home in Bucklebury, Berkshire, and drove to London on a shopping trip before briefly popping into the offices of her employers, the high street fashion chain Jigsaw.

'But there was no sign of her doing much work for the firm, which is owned by family friends and employs her as a part-time accessories buyer. She returned to her parents' home, driven by her younger brother James in the family Freelander, four hours after buying a tennis racket on her 100-mile round trip to upmarket Kensington.'

It's a tough life.

Apparently, her boss has offered to lend her his Caribbean mansion for "as long as she wants".

I would like to extend my sympathies at such hardship and express my admiration for Kate's incredible bravery.


Frobisher said...

The woman is a saint, hopefully a long period of time off will mend her broken heart.

It's such a shame - she would have made a wonderful addition to the royal family.

Newmania said...

I like her and if her paretage was really questioned by Will`s friends then she is taking a step up in class.

Shame ..still a bit tough on Will that I get to shag hundreds of gorgeous pouting beauties and he gets one

Electro Kevin said...

I thought Ms Middleton looked great in that short skirt 'n' boots.

I don't feel sorry for her - why ? We've all been chucked haven't we ? I can tell you it's far worse when you have no money.

Newmania said...

I don`t know Kev,,,I think I `ve been about as miserable with and without cash.
Divorce is worse though

Ellee said...

Lets hope she doesn't compare all her new fellas to her Prince Charming. How many blokes can afford to take a girl to all those places they went to? Is she going to be high maintenance, or more realistic? Is every new bloke going to feel they don't match up to William?

Newmania said...

..I think we may not have heard the last of her Ellee..It would be tough of Will to only be allowed one girlfriend though don`t you think ?

I appreciate that you will have arrived in the married state untouched by human hand but for some of us that would be less than ideal. .....In my wild youth I allowed girls to kiss me on the second date if accompanied by a chaperone on several occassions ..OHHH The shame of it ...will I ever hold my head high again

Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Ah, makes your herat bleed, doesn't it? Especially given that the rest of us have to explain every second off work...

Newmania said...

Hallo Welshcakes...yes I did like her though

Tuscan Tony said...

"£1 million pound home in Bucklebury, Berkshire"

What would that be then, a landlocked beach hut?

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