Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Are You Serious ?

£400,000,000 Annual budget of the new Serious Organised Crime Agency
4000 Officers employed by the new Serious Organised crime Agency
400- Total prosecutions brought in the first year by the Serious and Organised Crime Agency


Anonymous said...

and half of those were old blokes protesting at the Labour Party conference or gallant Don Quixotes waving placards above head height in Parliament Square - to name just two Serious Organised Crimes....

Newmania said...

arf arf Mut

Electro Kevin said...

Oh dear, here we go again. When will the politicians and the police chiefs get it into their heads that the people want coppers on the beat? £400,000,000 would pay for a lot.(Is that sum really correct, N ?)

People don't have nightmares about organised Mr Bigs in general, but they do when gangs of scrotes spray-paint the local railway station and intimidate their elderly parents and kids.

This Serious Organised Crime Agency isn't being helped by our lassez faire approach to border control either, and for this curiously schizophrenic approach to crime one has to wonder if this is all part of the sovietisation of our law-enforcement - how long before such secretive organisations mutate into our equivalent of the Stasi ?

Newmania said...

You are a bit of an exopert on this kev aren`t you. What do you do about low level crime though. HG is worrid that we are trying to suspend legal process ?

Electro Kevin said...

Not sure about what HG is saying (meaning I've not read it - yet. She's verrry good).

I can do no better than recommend Peter Hitchens' A Brief History of Crime and point to the fact that in poll after poll the majority say "more police on the beat" - I agree with them but would add the proviso that "more police ..." means big male coppers with the equivalent of what used to be 5 'O' levels and no criminal record.

I worked an area which used a traditional approach with pro-police magistrates, we were surrounded by dodgy boroughs and ours (pre CCTV) was like stepping into an oasis of sanity.

Electro Kevin said...

As for squads ?

The Mr Bigs work off street dealers and low-lifes - that's where to hit em. But of course criminals are the victims aren't they !

'Tough on crime. Tough on the causes of crime'

The second sentence cancels the first sentence out doesn't it ?

How can you be tough on crime if you feel sorry for the crooks ?

Newmania said...

Kev ,I think what you say is so obviously right that its staggering we waste so much time talking about it

Electro Kevin said...

... Oooh ! And while I'm on me bloody soap box ...

Who decides what a 'serious' crime is ?

Is it one Mr Big making a lot of dosh - or is it a lot of little people raking off a relatively small amount ?

A good example for me to cite here (little people) would be the uninsured driver. For this offence (an unlicensed recidivist no less) I saw a sentence of - wait for it - a driving ban. Go figure.

I needn't go into the nonsense of the 'punishment' meted out (I'm sure you can all work that out for yourselves) but driving uninsured is VERY serious - especially when multiplied across the board. And I'm sure the average person has much more likelihood of an unfortunate encounter with an uninsured driver than they do with Mr Big.

I think that these squads (knowing quite a few coppers) might have a lot to do with egotism and kudos. It used to be considered a punishment to be returned from a squad to wearing 'the tall hat'. I considered it the most important job in the -er- job.

Nope - squads get their results, but on the whole they are not the most effective way to police.

And I dare anyone to counter me with "Ah - but it's intelligence led policing."

Gawon - I dare ya !

Electro Kevin said...

We waste so much time talking about it because politicians continually refuse to give us what we want.

Do you want to give me your password for this blog and I'll just take it over shall I ?


Newmania said...

I always said that effort was by no means a large enough theatre for your talents Kev.Then there are lots of poeple I think are terrific . Raewald is susperb then Hg..I `m always finding new ones and it gets to much

hatfield girl said...

£400,000,000 is just what Raedwald says could be raised by selling off council housing like British Gas.

That would pay for all these policemen against serious crime.

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