Sunday, March 11, 2007

National Green Day

In another thrilling instalment of the Conservative take over of Islington, your hero Newmania was whipping on the troops with cries of “ Can I go home now ` and “ Why do we have to do this its stupid "

Yes that’s right ,its national Green Day a day on which , following David Cameron’s example, we spend lost treasure troves full of Byzantine wealth on having a wind turbine installed ,which will pay you, and the atmosphere ,back in about 250 years . Alternatively you can cycle with a Bentley carrying you briefcase at a respectful distance.
Nonetheless, I have to note with haughty froideur , that Justin Hinchcliffe`s rowdy gang of street fighters ,in Tottenham ,boycotted Green day completely. Could it be that Justin ,their inspirational, leader, has grown slitty eyed on the whole Green issue .?Judging from his reaction to that C4 documentary it is entirely possible . See his blog , it makes for disturbing reading that one so young and ,attractive ( Like eternal Pan is the youth , piping his enchantment from an attic promontory whilst Auroa , robed in pink , smiles upon him ) ,should be so cynical. What will the boy David , out in his recycled trainers say ?

We do not question the Party in Islington we are just Kiplingesque foot soldiers , and with exactly that spirit of “we`re ere because we`re ere “,off we marched to save Duncan Terrace , England , the World and then Universe.
Duncan Webster ,Islington’s Heir apparent banished heavy lidded cynicism with a St Cripin`s day speech that stiffened the thew and sinew.” Oh come just pick up a few bits then we’ll go and annoy the Lib Dem s”,…and so we were off .

Many warriors fought that day and their names were these

Ramona Simms - Gorgeously attired in head hankey and with an attractive unaffected insouciant wiggle , the girl from Ipanemah was oblivious to the admiring glance s she received from passers by …

When she walks, shes like a samba
That swings so cool and sways so gentle
That when she passes, each one she passes goes - aaahhhhh

( She begged me to delete this photo ….nuts!)

Duncan Webster- The young Prince of Islington Conservatives .An enthuser , a worker and the beating heart of the Party

Oh there were some other people there Laurie Fitzjohn Sykes and David Tucker ….but obviously ,they are much less important than Duncan so I `m not going to talk about them much . They performed adequately I suppose , not sure really ( ho ho)

The Days Business

First of all we picked some litter , then we went and laughed at the proposed scheme to tart up the area around Angel. Untold gazillions have been squandered on Consultants for a job that would have cost a private company £2,000 or so..and they are cutting up Duncan Terrace Park. Rich people will have no where to read their slim leather bound copies of Keates between banking coups. It’s a scandal. Finally we had a pop at the Libs who were out pretending to be Conservatives …courtesy of mischief make in chief the Harlequinesque Mr. Webster.

SERIOUSLY - It was a good effort and everyone who tuned up helped raise our profile in Islington. Across the country to many Party structures have been allowed wither on the vine . There is no danger of that here with so many selfless helpers willing to give their time

Brilliant stuff.


Anonymous said...

Was I mentioned?

Newmania said...

A lot of course Justin

Arthurian Legend said...

Nice to see you GAD-ing about town...

electro-kevin said...

You need huge amounts of courage to be a Conservative in Islington.

Much respect.

Croydonian said...

And was our host sporting one of those dodgy t-shirts too?

David Allen said...

Indeed! Why no pics of our generous, coruscating and campaigning host looking trim and athletic host in very own tee? This initiative completely passed us by in Haringey _ we're obviously not 'in the green loop' like you, N.
If Duncan Terrace is the most endangered piece of the Islingotn landscape, I would be very surprised. Go on, admit it, you were really recruiting all those bankers for your patrons club!

The Hitch said...

I have driven through and past (the best option) Islington on many occasions and all I can say is that it was awful, simply dreadful, a good millitaria shop specialising in Nazi regalia on upper street but apart from that nothing .
Why anybody would want to clean the place other than with an atomic bomb is beyond me.
Im so depressed.

electro-kevin said...

I'm sure an atomic bomb would cause umpteen million pounds worth of improvement.

margorie said...

Good work, Mr N. I agree, there really should be a pic of you in amongst the others!

Newmania said...

Hitch it is also the top concerntraton of costumiers to the sex industry having no less than five purveyors of kinky boots and other acoutrements of the trade.
It is the Borough in which tobacco was first smoked and has a centuries old tradition of licentiousness and bawdy behaviour.

I call it a slice of heaven

David cunning cunning fellow ....there may be one or two in the vicinity ...

Newmania said...

C -And was our host sporting one of those dodgy t-shirts too?

C allo , indeed I was. I am the proud owner a a tree veering imperceptibly to the right , on a shirt.

I expect I will be wearing it out all the time now , it being so groovy an `all

Newmania said...

Margorie I have had pics of me up before and they have been laughed at cruelly by the baying mob. I recall my hair being described as Chinchilla fur on an egg and many other indignities.

However I may find a picture of me somewhere.

KEV Actually i like bieng a Conservative in Islington

1 You get to be in charge
2 Noone likes you
3 There is an endless supply of lefties to irritate
4 Nothing is your fault
5 There is no vast population of horribly dull golf club members and the associated horrors of a winning Tory seat.I have often wondered if I would actually like that and I suspect not

I like disagreeing

Ellee said...

Could you please get me one of those t-shirts to wear? And good work too.I agree with marjorie about the pic, go on, be a sport.

Newmania said...

Oh Ellee is mine wasn`t far to large around the middle you would be welcome to it ...I look an idiot at the best of times and there ius no need to accentuate it

electro-kevin said...

Re your 11.41

Add to the list that you can say at conferences that you work at the sharp end, the new frontier of civilisation. I reckon you could get away with an ear stud and bangles too and out-cool Cameron by wearing a neclace with ganja hanging from it - you could also learn some Bob Marley numbers on your guitar. Hmmm

You could be in trouble here, N - there's a distinct possibility you may become the unwitting leader of the Conservative Party.

Prepare for government !!!

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