Friday, March 09, 2007

Cruel and Unusual

'A thug who was in a gang that kicked a grandad to death has been freed early to work at Jamie Oliver's Fifteen restaurant. James Bennetts, 20, had his sentence cut from 14 to 13 months when a judge learned the job was there if he was available immediately' - The Sun.

To be fair, having to work with Jamie Oliver isn't really preferable to prison. Or hanging, for that matter.


Anonymous said...

I've never liked "Jamie" and his 'Mockney' accent. A real tosser!

I have a feeling, Mr. Newmania, that I would prefer prison. I wonder why? (-:

Anonymous said...

All those sex-starved hetro men...

Newmania said...

Oh god Justin you have no mercy do you

Anonymous said...

Nope! Hunter hunts and shoots when he can!

electro-kevin said...

No doubt you could teach him how to 'pukka' properly too.

Newmania said...

He does irritate and Justin with typical uncanny powers of observation has out his finger precisely on the the pulsing heart of the horror.Its that bloody awful fake cockney accent

Ms Smack said...

hmm interesting.

I wonder how the victims family feel about that. Kill our grandpa and you get to learn a trade and be a free man among celebrity diners and other young people.


Are you guys implying Jamie is gay?

Newmania said...

No Miss Smack he is not and I tend to like gay people anyway. He is annoying but it was just little story. I like to have a few light bits to leven the occcassional mass of opinionage. Isee your blog is getting very popular.

Don`t yoj think its odd that people from thousands of miles apart can idly chit chat....I `m a bit older than you( young lady) and it amazes me

electro-kevin said...

Ms Smack

You raise an extremely valid point.
Is your country anywhere near as mad as ours is ?

Dispairingly yours

frobisher said...

With any luck he might kick Jamie Oliver to death :)

Am I the only one who thinks Jamie's toungue is too big for his mouth?

electro-kevin said...

Well I, for one, think Jamie's alright - what's a big tongue between friends ?

Didn't know where to put this one N.

If you search on: The Great Global Warming Swindle

C4 have provided a great internet summary of the program. Sorry I'm not adept at doing links and pasting etc...

David Allen said...

....and the Great Global Warming Swindle is being repeated on More 4 on Monday 1t 10pm.....!
N, "opinionage' is one neologism that deserves to be killed at birth!

electro-kevin said...

Except I don't think there's anything 'neo' about it, David. Before it used to be Sun worship, then polytheism, then monotheism ... now to challenge the new 'green' orthodoxy is to be as heretical as it once was to challenge the forgoing. As ever a governing esoteric doctrine to control the masses.

The invective and hypocrisy of eco exponents is a sure indication of delusion and hidden agendas.

Off to work I jolly well go in my 900cc car to transport the travelling public in one of the most eco-friendly modes of transport there is ...


The Hitch said...

just read in this mornings newspaper about a 23 year old met police oficer kicked half to death for refusing light some scumbags spliff, he is now totally paralysed.
the scon got 8 years a piece and got that cut down to 7 on appeal.
how have we got to this point ?

Anonymous said...

E-K, I've blogged about it

Newmania said...

You are quick Justin…….

Yes I gather that story is in the Papers but I haven’t the time to day , I have been out campaigning for national Conservative Green Day and now I have to clean and cook for a as well as look after my son.

Why Mr. Hinchcliffe were you not rallying the troops today…we had a good turnout ……? Hmmmmm? I will be doing a few local items tomorrow including of course the Conservatives heroic .

istanbultory said...

National Conservative Green Day? Did we used to have those in the time of the Blessed Margaret?

Newmania said...

It was funny IT the Libs were round the corner banging on about law and order.

As I said , you`re pretending to be Conservatives and we`re pretending to be Liberals but we`re not and nor are you.

Typically they were huffy

Yasamin said...

whats a Mockney accent? whats a tosser??

moments like this and i wonder if the old adage is true... ignorance is bliss...

Newmania said...

Y ..A tosser is man learned and skilled in the ways of Onan and a mockney acent is a cockney ccent affected by a middle class person.

It is common for those seeking a carreer in the masses

Nice to see you..where are you from ?

electro-kevin said...


Further to N's explanation the theory is that too much ...ahem, you know ... causes a man's eyesight to deteriorate - it also causes his levels of IQ/common sense to drop, allegedly. Excessive loss of protein or DNA or something of that sort.

Thanks Justin.(the blogg)

Yes Hitch - how the HELL have we got to this, indeed.

Aaaaargh !!!

electro-kevin said...

Further on The Great Global Warming Swindle - I believe that CO2 has been latched onto for a particular reason.

Parochially the British politicians do nothing about the destruction of our country's environment, so why the change of heart on the global scale ?

At home:

- They've encouraged mass immigration, which is environmentally distructive.

- They've subsidised family breakdown and illigitimacy through the benefits system, which is environmentally destructive.

- They've encouraged credit which enables people to spend beyond their means and true worth, which is environmentally destructive

- They've enabled a system to arise whereby foodstuffs easily grown here are imported from afar, which is environmentally destructive.

- They've lifted restrictions on green belt development, which is environmentally destructive.

- They've embarked on a policy of airports expansion, which is environmentally destructive...

I could go on.

The point of CO2 emissions is that they are invisible and could be (until this program) cited as causal in changing weather patterns - whereas visible and aesthetic damage is clearly part of their plan. But why the difference in attitude nationally and globally ?

Because they don't really care about the environment. This is manifest in their hypocritical behavior 2 Jags, Cameron, Blairforce 1.

Why CO2 ?

Because they've messed up our economy, they've lost control of our borders, they've let go of our industry and now they have to ramp-up taxes by stealth. Blair has effectively announced a 20% reduction in our standard of living in order to "save the planet".

Until you are on a fixed income or eschew credit/remortgaging you do not fully appreciate the stultifying levels of true inflation. I don't go on holidays and 20% reduction in energy use to means to me that my boys give up scouts and swimming lessons.

I believe that the truth regarding inflation is about to become known to more and more people, hence the concern of Government to give bailiffs new powers of entry.

Their intention is to lie to us and tell us that our falling standard of living is necessary to "save the planet" and has nothing to do with the simple fact that they've cocked up our economy.

Newmania said...

Excellent post kev there is real spleen in it and a lot of Newnmania-ese in there . I could not have put it better .

I`m not sure living standards are actually falling for most in real terms ,although for sections of society they have been for a long time. Ther country is falling badly behind its neighbours though and compared to America we are a basket case crippled tiny Tim in the sprint race.

Some of the effects of the levels of taxation that we have have not come about though because of the housing problem .People are not stopping work but they are working from fear , not hope or ambition.

There is a hunted look about people, a feeling of unhappiness and disquiet but it is not yet fuilly directed at the Labour Government which is largely to blame.

Whatta said...
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Yasamin said...

oops wrong login hehehe sorry about that.

newmania - i'm from the US of A in the southwestern region. what the hell is a cockney accent? lol i'm guessing you're english.

thats groovy. i've never been there. i hear its lovely if you like rain. which i do.

regarding your avatar (or lack of)... Mine's girlie because thats me. silly. not that i'm overtly girly. tahts just the top of my head when i got my hair cut. If your a girlie-chap then sure.. you can go that route... if not... anything works as an avatar. except unsightly body parts. no one wants to see that.


and electro - ohh i get it. you should just get your own blog. i mean with the size of your comments and such. with all that thought milling around in your head you could really have quite an informative blog. ;D

1:58 AM

electro-kevin said...

Yasamin - thanks, but no-one would visit my blog; people like Newmania are much more fun than me 'fraid.

Sorry to take over sometimes, N. As always just say so if it's too much.

N, try being a pensioner


on a fixed income (fairly), no credit cards an a refusal to use equity.

Newmania said...

Kev as i said ( wags finger)

although for sections of society they have been for a long time

This includes pensioners . In fact it includes about 17% of them . the rest of them are some of the most privieged people in the country.

Yasmin I am going to reply to you in atick I am already drooling abou that accent.

Newmania said...

You do have a a bloggers mind Kev but until you do your own thing I appreciate you inmput here

electro-kevin said...

Pleased to be the Newmania lounge lizard and your disobedient servant.

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