Sunday, March 11, 2007

Islington Leaseholder News

All leaseholders were balloted last week on whether or not they would agree
to pay 40p per week to establish an independent leaseholders
Association...and 22% returned their ballots...with 76.5% of these in
favour...therefore we will be funded to 250,000 pounds annually...from
leaseholders, not HFI/LBI...!!!

Thanks to Brian Potter for keeping me up to date on this . In fact Brian Potter deserves a general vote of thanks for his unflagging support for Islington`s 11,000 beleagurered leaseholders. Thye have been treated shamefully and at heart it is the doctrinal hatred of the Left which is to blame.


The Hitch said...

Mr Mania
Just thank god that I am not your freeholder.
You entered into a contract , stop bleating.

Newmania said...

Grrrrrr...its not a contract its a licence to undo the right to own property.

I own my own house freehold

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