Sunday, February 04, 2007


I `m really coming round to SUZ` blog. Her political views are those of a child but then she rarely discusses the bankrupt collection of whimsies that is Liberal Party thinking. She is a great gossip though, and seems to have a GSOH. I wonder, considering the sanctimonious auto-eroticists that she associates with, how she keeps it . Anyhoo, I like the way she’s dealt with the re-selection of Bridget Fox. Now if Liberals think she is prissy, god alone knows what manner of soul sucking incubus she really is.

She writes…
“Didn't envisage any surprises locally. As expected Bridget Fox (Miss Prissy Knickers my mental image of her) has been reselected as the LibDem PPC for Islington South & Finsbury to contest Emily Thornberry's seat. It's was known months ago that Dominic Mathon offered to front her campaign and since then there were moves in the background to ensure she was reselected.

Personally I wish the local party members had chosen somebody else this time around”

Suz is still in trouble with Steve Hitchens I believe but I can’t get her to bring me up to speed.

EMILY THORNBERRY ( Environment MP of the year and lard addict)

Mountainous Emily Thornberry has gone off on an arctic expedition,. Someone get me a harpoon and I may just spend my life following her. Damned whale

Call me Ishmael…….please ..someone.


A great new blog has stated in Islington by someone who is quite clearly a chap with his head screwed on the right way. How much do I love the first post.? Lots and lots is the answer. Some sound work already

There is a new Conservative movement in Islington. It's being added to one blog at a time. Newmania led the way. King Arthur's in support. Other good men and women are following fast. Surely the moment when the opposition splits, 1931-style, is only a short time away. Watch this space...

I have linked to the site , well worth looking in and I will be doing so from now on.

Salutations Mystery Blogger. I like the cut of your jib I could almost sing “Things can only get better” if the thought didn`t make me want to regurgitate the elegant repast of omelette and Chardonnay I have enjoyed.


Mr. Croydonian and I attended the spontaneous outpouring of joy and love we know as Justin Hinchcliffe`s birthday Party . Justin is the magnificent leader of the Tottenham and Haringey Conservatives and a celebrated North London Conservative.
Gamine handsome David Allen , the deputy leader , wafted hither and thither like a fragrantly scented Zephyr with chicken wings and palpable benevolence. He brings joy wherever he goes , that man.
The centre piece though was Justin who drew admiring glances from all genders .Picture Michelangelo’s David , youth ,beauty and physical splendour caught in a moment of perfect poise. That is Justin….although I `m not tempted myself .Seriously , a clever chap and with some real charisma. I hope he will go far.

Ahem I got far to drunk and may have behaved badly . If so sorry…..Other Luminaries were Peter and his wife ,interesting , and a gorgeous pouting coquette of a Blonde .Interesting as well. Was she Catriona ?


Peter Hitchens said...

Fucking hell you have been looking at tranny sites.
No way are those two women.

Philipa said...

Peter who?
And who's Catriona, should we know?

Newmania said...

I`m hoping that David is going to remind me and I am also seeking further details on the blonde. Not on my behalf but on cbehalf of single-o Croydonian

Croydonian said...

A good, if perhaps indiscreet, fellow is our Mr Newmania

David Allen said...

Croydonian need only ask _ I have Catriona (the blonde)'s phone number. 'Croydonian & Catriona', 'Charles & Camilla' _ I am commissioning the commemorative cufflinks as I write.....
'Gamine and fragrant' _ why is it only straight men who ever pay me compliments?!

Justin said...

Time for an eye test, Mr N.

Newmania said...

why is it only straight men who ever pay me compliments

..amd why is it women spurn me until I am married. Its diabolical isn`t it .

Love the cufflicks David. gamine and funny

Duncan Webster said...

Hi Paul and Paul's readers,

I think Bridget does have some support, but she doesn't have as much as she needed in 2005, nor as much as she needed in the 2006 Borough Elections, and with a resurgent Conservative Party she will find it even more difficult.

When we select our candidate to oppose Bridget and Emily, I can assure you that they will find it tougher than they are used to!

Duncan Webster
Deputy Chairman
Islington Conservatives

Newmania said...

When we select our candidate to oppose Bridget and Emily, I can assure you that they will find it tougher than they are used to!

It would be inetresting to know how that process would proceed duncan

DarkersideofBridgetJones said...

Look darling, you are a very provocative person. You need to have your botty smacked. I don't think I will be doing this though. Did you enjoy yourself that's the main thing. I am still bloody recovering, my head is killing me. Had no classroom control today -- the kids were just bonkers. Time for a wee detox, according to Tony Cox I am no lady. Ouch, that bloody hurt. Well, as my mother says to me (often) if all the trees in the forest were the same it would be a bloody boring forest. So, this helps to pacify my anxiety. Time to go, off to Tescos for some lard. I like to rub it on my tits. then it's off to a Conservative Way Foward event. So, mate I am not a liberal. And, when was the last time you were out canvassing?

Duncan Webster said...

Paul, as it says on the website,
"It is expected that Islington Conservatives will select via Primary for both seats [Islington North and Islington South & Finsbury].
If you are interested in applying to represent the Conservative Party in Islington at the next General Election, please contact us to find out more."

At the moment, unless there is a hiccup (such as Brown calling an election tomorrow), it should be just after Mayoral and GLA candidate selection, which will be over the next few months as I understand it.

Duncan Webster said...

DarkersideofBridgetJones, are you going to come out canvassing with Paul in Islington?

I hear he has been walking the streets in North Islington, but more looking for beer rather than voters... but it is cold and dark at the moment, so I will let him off.

Newmania said...

Hmmm I wonder if I could stand .Might think about it .Thanks for that anyway Duncan , nice to see a real grafter hereabouts

DSOB Jones-I had a good time ,I was bit concerned I might have been a bit of a silly what with the wine but no furious phone calls recieved

Enjoy your Lard. Did hear that you will be appearing on Doughty Street ? If so warning would be good. I would like to hear what you have to say.Try not to giggle and play with your hair to much and you`ll be fine

..and I do loads of canvassing


Praguetory said...

This sounded like fun. I've been out with some Tories in Prague too. Rather disturbingly, they said "I hate to defend Labour but" more than once. I seem to be having this effect on people these days.

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