Sunday, February 04, 2007

No Blacks Allowed.....(?)

"Whites Only Signs"

Naturally I would never say such a disgraceful thing.

…….. but what an outcry there would quite rightly be if I did. I might be forced to weasel out of it by reference to “ Section 38 of the Race Relations Act (1976) and Section 48 of the Sex Discrimination Act (1975). “. That is what Islington Council are doing. but they are discriminating against whites.
I am not a racist. Verity,the famous right wing commentator and equal opportunity eviscerater, put it something like this . “I don’t care what colour you are or who you have sex with , so long as you agree with me .”A fine attitude.

My wife is of semi Trinidadian descent and so,of course, is my son. I wonder if his blackness would be too attenuated to qualify ,( when he`s older), for Islington Council’s racist Black men only teaching course. Would they have to measure the curliness his hair , the thickness his lips ? I suppose they would , how else would you decide . I need hardly say how abhorrent I find this rancid nasty piece of gutter level bigotry . Incidentally white working class boys are the poorest performing educational group.


African-Caribbean Men Wanted in Schools
to make a difference to children's lives

Following the success of our first programme,
Islington's Ethnic Minority Achievement Service (EMAS) is offering 40 African-Caribbean men* the chance to become fully
qualified Teaching Assistants (TAs). This unique programme will give you the opportunity to take part in an all expenses paid
training package that will lead to OCR Level 2 national qualification
. The course will use a range of teaching and learning
methods to accommodate different learning styles. It will also present you with the opportunity to build a network with other
African-Caribbean male TAs,
to help support you whilst developing a rewarding career in education. Note: You must be
unemployed or about to be unemployed.
Closing Date: 30/01/2007
How to apply: For further information contact: Karen Weir or Marc Thompson on 020 7527 5899. Quote reference: Male TA scheme.
Please leave your name and telephone
contact(s). Please note: Course begins in February 2007.
* This post is exempt under Section 38 of the Race Relations Act (1976) and Section 48 of the Sex
Discrimination Act (1975).
Interview Date:

Update.: Some further thoughts

Recently, the Decibel Penguin Literary prize for British writers of Afro Caribbean and Asian origin was forced under threat from the CRE to admit white writers . That’s how sensitively monitored the subject is .To the point of absurdity.White people can be excluded from a job application quite explicitly , on the other hand....

Quotas and positively discriminating measures are always harmful.Forty deserving candidates have been shunted aside in pursuit of some mis-conceived politically correct Benneton ad inclusiveness .The Coucil no doubt feel that under privileged Black boys do not have enough male role models . Well nor do white boys , but in any case what is this role model ?The message is that “Black men” are incapable of succeeding without special help and, likely as not, to be unemployed. Rubbish of course but why make it appear that it is not ?

Sir Keith Ajegbo commented in a recent Government report” White children can feel beleaguered and marginalized finding their identity under threat as much as ethnic minority children” also” Nor is there any advantage is creating confidence in minority ethnic pupils if it leaves white pupils feeling disenfranchised and resentful“. How , then , can we possibly justify this sort of Social micro meddling ?

Lets look at the backdrop. The BNP doubled its Council seats last Summer and it is thought that this sort of initiative drives white youth into the arms of extremists. We are after all living in a country where Mohammed has overtaken George in the Popular name list and one immigrant arrives every minute. The phenomenon of white flight , from London is well known , and Labour Mps like Ruth Kelly and Dianne Abbot routinely buy their children out of schools where eight languages are taught.
Do we need divisive special treatment for new comers ? Absolutely not , there is already growing suspicion and mistrust. This will add to it.

Across the Parties there is an acknowledgement that multi culturalism , ie accentuating difference, has been a disaster. This idiotic idea is part of that problem.

Black children and white children should be treated the same and so should their teachers. Simple .This tawdry doctrinally motivated mischief is an insult and a digrace


Peter Hitchens said...

Come off it Paul, you have to admit it , black people are a bit dodgy.
Great sense of rhythm and good at sport but dodgy.

Newmania said...

Marian has a useless sense of rhythm and I am good at sport. Or I was anyway.Peter ...I do hope you are joking.

Peter Hitchens said...

course I am .
reminds me of a joke about the daughter peter sellers had with Brit Eckland
got her dads looks and her mothers talent (+:

Newmania said...

...brilliant. God yes Brit Eckland yum yum yum.

Peter Hitchens said...

I wouldnt mind applying for that job , just for fun
I could do with a swift 100k for "hurt feelings" if they turned me down.

newmania said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing and intend to do that tommorow

kev said...

I thanked God today for Dr John Sentamu.

I would laugh if the issue weren't so serious and such a very real threat to everbody, regardless of race.

The Guardianistas' chief weapons ? Our consciences - their lies.

...How much d'ya think they'd pay out to a skinny white hommie likes me ?

istanbultory said...

'have to agree with Hitch on the sense of rhythm enjoyed by Afro-Carribean types. N, if you do apply for the job, remind the Council that you are a leading Conservative hopeful for the mayoral elections. That should put the frighteners on them.

Newmania said...

Good idea IT although I have no serous ambitions in the Mayoral election.
On natural sense of rhythm , the only white person in my family is me and I am by far the best dancer.
An evocation of lover making in form and movement ...thats my style .

kev said...

Never much good in the rythm section. Play solo myself.

(Fnarr fnarr)

CityUnslicker said...

N - the article is good, but clearly you are drun writing the comments. I can see no other rythm for you apart from Dad Dancing.

What fun it would be though to win compensation for racial slight!

David Allen said...

Newmania, having seen YOU dance, I dread to think how bad Marian's dancing is?! NO _ I just can't believe it!
As for this '40 black chaps' thing: I can see that it is overtly discriminatory, but isn't it a case of 'desperate measures'? There is such a crisis in the urban black family, with so many black boys having no father figure in their lives, living on estates where the only adult black males seem to be unemployed or mixed up in crime, that this seems like a desperate and very well-intentioned effort to address that _ rather than an attempt to stick more Labour voters on the public payroll. I am almost relieved that they are asking for 40, rather than a puny 2 or 4, it shows they are serious about addressing the problem. This 'teaching assistant' route has also been shown to be an effective way of getting black men into the education system. There must be a lot of young black men who conformed to peer group pressure in school, behaving badly, not bothering, who now they are a little older and have had a chance to reflect on the choices open to them, are looking for a way out of the sink estate and unemployment. I know of one young black (Brazilian) guy who was taken on as a teaching assistant in a west London school because it was felt his colour would help in dealing with problem black boys. It did. He has now been working for 4 or 5 years and upgraded to a full teaching role. Yet he would presumably never have been taken on at a teacher training college at the start of that time.

Newmania said...

Yes David but all of that is even more true of white boys who are doing even worse.There are many situations when it might be beneficial (?) to adopt a racially discriminatory policy but we do not allow it because it is an evil in itself and leads to further evil.
There are any number of social problems that have been created by dreadful housing and benefits policies. The answer to fatherless homes is to stop paying people to have fatherless children , not offer them further inducements.

By the way Marian was born and lived on an estate in Deptford. She had no father present and yet did not become either a criminal or any of these other compoulsory occupations.

Why not give black children extra lessons
Why not give black man higher benefits

This is the road to hell.

My dancing is ace you may have mistaken the Isadora Duncan "performasnce " with the warm up...which looks like a drunk falling around loonishly.

Easily done .I forgive you

kev said...

A cultural rather than racial issue no doubt.

Some risky generalisations from me here - my very wariness a symptom of the fact that this is no longer really a free country.

I think an even greater problem than the "No blacks allowed" type of ignorance was the indigenous attitude of fair play and a reluctance to say to an incoming culture "This is not acceptable behaviour - this is how we like to do things." what appears to have happened is that we accommodated it.

Not only did we accommodate it, but we went on to endorse it through the veneration of gansta rap etc - this has now reached white youth too.

A rebuttal to this could be to draw attention to the punk music of the '70s - but at least that was mockery and everyone seemed to grow out of it. Rap has been with us for decades now.

You could also point out Death Metal, but you didn't so I infer that it's not so influential.

David Allen said...

re. Newmania's dancing: mea culpa _ I obviously only caught the warm-up, not the main performance. I look forward to a private viewing!
re. white boys doing as badly or worse than black boys: I take your point _ BUT. Young white boys have no shortage of white adult male role models, black boys do. The only successful, working black men who will appear on many scholkids' radar screens are sportsmen or musicians, which just isn't enough. They are not going to see the (admittedly too few) successful professional black men working in the City or elsewhere _ because these people are not living in their areas, visiting their schools etc.
It would be reasonable to argue for a campaign to encourage more men of ANY colour to work as teachers _ especially in the primary sector. When I do 'telling' at election time it is usually in some local primary or other _ and it is so obvious that the place is run by women and only women _ and geared to the needs of girls and women. Even a 'gamine' (!) metropolitan poof like me finds the typical infants school to be a revoltingly feminised place: it brings out my inner caveman and I just want to run along the corridors swearing and farting and kicking things. No wonder butcher specimens than me find school such an alienating place right from the start! Get more men into the classroom, stop those simpering head teachers from painting everything in girly pastels and stop the curriculum and exam system form discriminating against boys.

Newmania said...

It would be reasonable to argue for a campaign to encourage more men of ANY colour to work as teachers _

Agreed and one way would be to to remove the constant threat of malicious prosecution and support teachers . On the other hand have a process for removing poor teachers. belive me I KNOW ,that is the alpha and omega of education and it will work for all boys.

KEV- I still have a copy of never Mind the Bollocks and in some ways I have never out grown it . I was listening to the Clash even this weekend. the problem is the fatherless estate .With no way of living the "drama" of a teenage life exceot the crap on the television white youth have adopted LA as an imaginary world .
It shows the emptinessof the world in which they live.

Isee this as all connected

David you inner caveman is well hidden. I look forward to meeting him . Would his cave have cushions candles and "throws"....

(Oh I feel so cheap)

kev said...

Good points both Newmania and Dave Allen.

Take that one on the chin about the punk music - still in tartan and safety pins ? Great era missed with much fondness. (listening to The Clash this very morning)

I suppose Dave is saying how we deal with it from here, and I forget that it's no good looking back sometimes. But at least it does one thing - I believe we are made to feel guilty for things which just were not our fault and this needs changing:

My relatives were enslaved too, in coal mines and the bowels of ships - British kids were shoved up chimneys and worked to death in factories. Someone please shove that in the left-wing whacky-baccie pipes before they tell us that this is 'society's doing' and some sort of Karmic penance.

For all that the TA innitiative is a good one and I support it.

What is welfare like in the USA, Newmania ? How has this affected the ghettos ? Not arguing here, I just think it would be interesting to know and wonder if you had any idea.

Peter Hitchens ... I'm still in shock, mate.

Urban black music is hugely influential round here - the kids love to dress up in hoodies and baseball caps and baggy trousers. Looks especially stoopid as we're surrounded by fields full of cows.

(Sth Devon)

Newmania said...

Black music is very very influential here and I had a letter in the local Papers about "respect" crime. IE pointless shootings.We are on one a week in Islington. The thing about the States ,about which I am not an expert, is that it is more federal than we tend to think.The picture will be highly varied but not as all enveloping as here. The expert is Verity . I`ll see if I can get her comments.

...I would love to live in South Devon.Lovely place but you may not be aware of the atmosphere of racial tension in London. You cannot have racists anti white policy coming out of the Coucil .

I have requested an explanation and it will be interesting to see what they say. inparticular , why are they ignoring the white children who are performing worse.

In some ways if Islignton council had a historyof pragmatic indifference to "racism "and other PC totems I would let it go but they have a history of maniacal thought control directed at anyone who doesnot agree .

Anyway I`m back onto general matters next ,local is alright butmost things felt locally are decided nationally or , more often supernationally

Croydonian said...

One of the gifts of the Enlightenment was the transformation of our mutual dealings from one of status to contract. We would appear to be going backwards...

kev said...

My heart goes out to you Islingtonians. A shooting a week ??? Life at the sharp end, eh ! I lived there for 5 years and loved it actually (Golden Lane just off Old Street). I got mugged on my first night there but that's another story. There was still a lot going for it besides.

Then I moved onto the railways and drove North London Line trains east-west through such lovely places as Dalston, Hackney and North Woolwich. 10 years in total and very little trouble to tell you the truth. It was unsettling at night though, especially travelling as passenger, but I guess you develope street savvy and become invisible to the hoods.

I miss the multi-culturism on the London railways terribly, and that is where I think it works best. My move to Devon two years ago was a mixed blessing and I was surprised at how alien I felt. My entrance into the Exeter messroom was greeted with a west country "Strangggerrr !" stranger " They comes 'ere, they takes our jobs, 'ouses an' women ..." to which I retorted "Actually, I brought my own woman because yours are just too pig ugly." How they swooned when I took the gorgeous Mrs P the Christmas do.

Things are a lot better now and I'm very much one of the gang.

kev said...

And Croydonian. What you just said sounded impressive but I'm not well enough educated to understand. Could you elucidate for me please.

And while I'm declaring my ignorance, could someone explain to me what the acronym IHMO means.

Croydonian said...


IMHO stands for 'In my humble opinion'.

Status is comparatively rigid in a feudal society, and would define how a serf dealt with a Lord, etc etc, whereas a society based on contract has two parties entering into a voluntary agreement on the basis of contract, not having the nature of the relationship pre-defined by who the parties are.

kev said...

Thank you very much Croydonian.

For your information I was raised in Mitcham and then Sutton. My favourite pubs were The Cartoon and the Gun Tavern - I love live music though I rarely get to see it now.

istanbultory said...

Alas, Croydon is not what it one was. I hear the place is now under siege from hoardes of chavs... Sutton is even worse by all accounts.

kev said...

Oh bugger !

Well to you and Newmania, Devon is a huge disappointment to me because this chav thing appears to be endemic.

I also heard that Mitcham is to be twinned with Lagos.

Ellee said...

My brother used to be in the rag trade and he says he was often charged a higher price from Asian wholesalers than their brethren.

istanbultory said...

Siring offspring with an Afro-Carribean male is the ultimate status symbol for every self-respecting Chavette.The Chavettes will be in seventh heaven when they hear about Mitcham being twinned with Lagos. Perhaps we could export the whole Chav population to Nigeria....either that or sterilise the Chavs en masse. Think of what the next generation is going to be like.Enough of my ranting.

nick drew said...

Like I said, Kev - that Croydonian: excellent and courteous

kev said...

Istanbultory (great handle BTW)
I expect the Chavettes will be excited at the prospect of the opening of a new catologue outlet where they can buy their new baby buggies "Oh Shaz - just 'eard were bein' twinned wiv Argos."

Whatever have the Nigerians done to deserve the country being so diminished.

And I didn't expect any less of a true Croydonian than to be 'excellent and courteous'.

Newmania said...

Kev I like that I wondered what LOL was for ages and that thing for a wink defeated me :-) I think.No idea where it comes from.I am also a music fan and was in a useless band for a while playing Dance music.I`m afraid I have some tragic stories to tell of unattended gigs and comically misplaced ambition.

IT That reminds me of the Wayne and Waynetta sketch in the hospital whe she can`t understand why she hasn`t got a BRAWN one.
I `m not at all sure Croydon was ever what it used to be and I rather like its gritty reality . The gleam of streetlights ,the sizzle of kebabs the distant gun shot ....just kidding , its a toilet.

I fear your plan for greater Lebensraum for the Piano lesson classes would not be entirely to my taste either IT. I would be wary of Nigeria as a business partner. You will be poorer at the end of the transaction in my experience.

KEV I bought a set of Keyboards and an amp in Mitcham , there is a superb music shop there . Do you know it ?I do love to browse anongst the kit .Thousands and thousands have been wasted over the years.

Newmania said...

just 'eard were bein' twinned wiv Argos."

Oh dear dear ...funny funny

I knew a Nigerian at University his name was um..long but I called him Moz.He was much in demand amongst would be cool arts graduates who assumed he was hip and groovy . In fact he was a lot like Phillip from rising damp.

Nonetheless he did got through the female population like a machine.He told me once that he knew when he was really satisfying a woman because her eyes would disappear upwards leaving only the whites.

I said .." Yeah I `ve noticed that "...I don`t think I convinced anyone , least of all myself

kev said...

You're talking about Rock Bottom.

Yes - know it well. I'm a bit of a muso myself. Play classical/flamenco and have done plenty of gigs. Went to play a pub off Blackfriars (big money) and...

...forgot my guitar.

Easily done - I'll tell you the story later if you want.

There's never been a better time to learn an instrument.

Newmania said...

Istanbultory is good isn`t it . I think Pragueatory is clever to.I saw a simple one today that amused me .

"Pompous Pete" ...funny ? Or is it just me .I imagine hours of thought went into Kev .....

kev said...

As for your Nigerian friend ?

I don't want to frighten you, but the eyeballs rolling back is what happens when you nudge the brain from beneath.

(gawd ! I disgust myself sometimes)

Newmania said...

...forgot my guitar.

I once turned up to a fancy dress party on a Hippy theme with a guitar false beard Cowboy hat and Bell Bottoms ...a week early.

Not good

Newmania said...

nudge the brain from beneath.

Not much danger of that with any of my girlfriends....

kev said...

I did try PAFKAK earlier and forgot.

I'll leave readers to work out what the first'P' is the rest is

****Artist Formerly Known As Kev

Like it ?

But people won't know what it means unless I tell 'em, so I'm not sure on it.

kev said...

But I think I'll use this:


I just think it sounds funny. It makes me sound kinda 'switched-on' which I'm not. I couldn't be more sloth-like if I tried. And I think there's something inherently funny in the name Kevin which brings to mind a spotty YTS youth loading fridges from the planet Zanusi.

electro-kevin said...

Back to topic, if I may.

Censor dangerously aggressive music of any kind - particularly gangsta rap.

"But censorship is Stalinist ?"

Oh really ???

Whilst this demented establishment seems hell-bent on controlling its middle-classes by banning every harmless endearment, colloquialism or idiom it colludes in the ever pervasive transmission of hatred and aggression by venerating pervasive and manifestly dangerous black music.

There was always censorship. To tell us that there wasn't or isn't censorship now is a lie - it is called Political Correctness and it binds the very people who could safely restore civility to our country.

It's a mistake to focus on the hoodies and the gangsters at the moment. The first obstacle is the liberal elite (I hate that hackneyed expression - another one please.)

And well done New Labour. You've managed to get a liberalist to contribute on a Conservative web-site.

electro-kevin said...

Sorry Rock Bottom is in Croydon.

There wasn't a music shop in Mitcham when I lived there. Just a pet shop called The Rag Tag & Bobtail.

I bought my mum and dad their first lava-lamp from there - go figure.

They obviously had to diversify and there are only so many Staffordshire Bull Terriers you can sell, even in a shit-hole like Mitcham.

The pet shop is now an Al Quaeda internet cafe... you honestly think terrorists have a penchant for quality coffee ?

electro-kevin said...

And I'm glad you liked the "Argos" pun - but I shouldn't be too harsh on the Shaz and Trays of this world ...

... for it was I that spent years thinking that cunnilingus was an Irish airline.

(Aer Lingus)

Newmania said...

This is great stuff Kev.You seem to be overflowing with ideas.

The first obstacle is the liberal elite

Nuffin wrong with that ,I use the phrase regulalarly and they are my "Core enemy". We had a good discussion about art , in the widest sense recently , and the woeful effect of arts subsidies. Pity you weren1`t around for that

There was a little side joke in one of the few "Stephen King Books I have ever read" Gerald`s game . It was a dog that was called Prince but had been abandoned by a lonely lake and witnessed the gruesome proceedings. As the dog no longer had his old life or his old personality he was throughout refferred to as "The Dog formally known as Prince ".

I like that

electro-kevin said...

As you've already worked out, NM I'm absolutely full of it. Years of material.

I read today that Mr Cameron is challenged by Edward Leigh over the fact that Tory MPs have been forced to abandon core beliefs - I identify with that. No one I know likes Cameron. I think he's a tosser.

I would like to write a frank and heartfelt polemic on the race issue; do I have your permission ? Non attributable to you or the Conservatives of course.

electro-kevin said...

Obviously the Stephen King book was written after Prince's change of identity.

Very funny in that case.

(Prince is a very good lead guitarist, actually.)

electro-kevin said...

As for 'art' please read my comments of Philipa's Fortean Times. She's giving me a drubbing at the moment, but I love being on the ropes - that's where I feel at home.

electro-kevin said...

Philipa's article is about Thomas Hawk.

electro-kevin said...

Feel embarassed that I'm hogging the chit-chat here. (I do actually work y'know - just off now)

If I do happen to say anything original feel free to use it. I'm not out for credit.

The Panorama programme last night really irked me. The Arrogant and out of touch minister who was interviewed.

The fact that the liberal elite has perpetuated a violent underclass is wholly deliberate. Part of their rationale is this:

- My greatest fear is not that I might end up in prison, but that I may become bankrupt and forced to live among the underclass - that is what is keeping me in my place at the moment.

Now ain't that a bloody neat trick !

Newmania said...

It is excatklty the problem Kev . I did a long contribution about the bovinity of the English . It was predicted that with taxes at their current level there would be a lack of incentive . This has not happened.
The reason is the housing market . Most people are so highly geared now they cannot afford to slack or rebel.

Once there was ambition , now there us fear. At 43 I feel as if I`m being harvested.

I do not agree with you about David Cameron though... but Ive done that to death

electro-kevin said...

More to the point you can't agree with me about Cameron, even if you wanted to.

It alarms me just how much he reminds me of young Blair. Acceptable to the liberal elite (my comments under 'Fire Raging in Islington).

You won't get in with a large turnout of voters, but may ride the apathy thing I'll give you that.

The housing boom is a fraud.

The local theatre and lido is about to be bulldozed to make way for flats. Some good my equity is doing me then. OK ... I'll give the money back ! Just leave my country alone !!!

'Feel-good factor' my arse, another establishment encouraged ruse to make us delirously happy whilst turning the country into a shit-hole (placed 37th in a survey recently)

Newmania said...

Au Contraire I am always criticising Cameron but he has please me lately by toughening up on the Muslims and dutching ID cards.

What you say about the Liberal Elite is what George Walden was saying in New Elites . I `d have a look at that you`d love it . My Blog "The NEW PRIESTLY CASTE " deals with the issue of exclusion in terms that you would approve of I think.

The problem is that undermining Cameron will let Brown in and he will be alot worse. Remember most of the Party are way to the right of DC .He cannot ignore the Party but we have to win

electro-kevin said...

Feeling 'harvested' is a good one NM - that resonates and I will use it.


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