Thursday, February 22, 2007

Boris Peeved With Tabloids Shock Story

Boris, who I love dearly , is furious about the rampant double standards of those dreadful Tabloid Newspapers .His fulminations have been has been sparked by the gold hurled at the QUANTAS flight attendant who indulged in heavy petting , if not diving and bombing ,at 35000ft , with some film star or other. Look at his foaming below.

“They denounce the daily exposure of our children to sexual material; and yet how do they stuff their news pages? They get their ace reporter to fly half way round the world, laden with hundreds of thousands of pounds, and they buy the story of some poor misguided girl who should have known better, and then they quote her in the manner of a Readers' Wives column “

Tut tut tut There is of course some history here back in 20004 this was the Times

BORIS JOHNSON, the Tory MP and editor of The Spectator magazine, was last night sacked as a frontbench spokesman by Michael Howard for lying about his private life.
The move came as details of a four-year affair with Petronella Wyatt, the daughter of the late Lord Wyatt, were revealed by her mother.
Johnson, 40, who became a household name through his appearances on the television show Have I Got News for You, had previously denied any romance. He said last night that he felt as if he had been hit by “an express train” over the allegations.
Speaking from the mansion in St John’s Wood, north London, where she lives with her daughter, Lady Verushka Wyatt disclosed that her daughter had an abortion last month as a result of an affair with Johnson, who is married with four children.
Last night she told The Sunday Times: “In the beginning, the reason she went out with him was because he said he was going to marry her. (Otherwise)Petronella never went out with a married man.”

And all in all it reminds me of the immortal words of Mandy Rice Davies

When the prosecuting counsel pointed out that Lord Astor denied having an affair or having even met her, she replied, "Well, he would, wouldn't he?". ...

I commented

Well I laughed at this in the train this morning . Boris, I wonder at what point was it that you began to notice the terrible hypocrisy of the tabloid Moralisers. Was it a point in time roughly contemporaneous with you being caught with your giant elasticised pantaloons around your ankles. Was it once or twice I cannot recall ? Furthermore as I am myself pure in body and mind I have no reason whosoever not to go on enjoying this feast smug coated delicacies.
I find it entirely acceptable to , on the one hand to enjoy salacious tittle tattle and on the other hand be shocked and mortified that my betters have feet of clay. Did I say feet of clay ? I think I mean underpants of Velcrome equipped with a quick release system and handy draw strings for back window escapeeism.
You poor old Sausage Boris , like an elephant maddened with mosquitoes you plunge and buck at the bloody unfairness of it all but the rule are simple . Don't get caught. Its much the same with drugs as you know so you are still ahead of the game , unless you really are a god awful prig.


Anonymous said...

Leave the guy alone will you ,he's the only light in a very dark political arena ,and you know he can't help making mistakes aka Liverpool.

PS Bliar is up here today.
Iv'e done that twice now Bliar instead of Blair,can't imagine what it mean's

electro-kevin said...

I don't know why Ralph Fiennes chose to 'do it' in an aeroplane toilet. The suction is terrible in those things y'know.

Anonymous said...

I thought his remarks were wholly original and deep. I had never noticed it before - gosh, golly - the hypocrites!!

Newmania said...

I love Boris , you`re probably right , it just amused me .

The Hitch said...

two hhundred grand and ralph feinnes can fuck me , and Im not even remotely gay.
Boris i want a million

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