Saturday, January 13, 2007

Working Class ? Whats That

Mmmm, went out for a few beers with Croydonian last night , I seem to recall threatening to out him as a socialist..well it seemed funny ( to me ) at the time .He is not , of course , a socialist but he is quite creative and thats always suspicious.I `ll be watching

Sent this in to the Gazette with my new snazzy title the other day.

Chris Graham, and others, persist in telling us that money can be created from nothing.” Council Rents are a Third of Private …because private landlords exploit a shortage. ”.By “exploit a shortage”, he means, “The price set by the market “. His choice of words tells all you need to know about the antiquated Socialism he believes in. The absence of a direct, “Subsidy”, is irrelevant.
He is counting the wrong way .There is no value except that set by the market .By withholding large tracts of hot-spot inner City housing, the price everyone else pays for property is inflated. This works by a mechanism called, “scarcity”. When some pay less the rest pay more; its that simple. To add insult to injury I notice Sharon Hayward from the local hard left claiming that the treasury benefits from the government’s having wisely investing the country’s wealth in property .The bricks and mortar are almost valueless. “We” create the value by borrowing up to five times our salaries and slaving like dogs to keep pace. The same is true of the £45,000,000 Islington Council are raising from selling property assets
Leaseholders are property owners and mortgage payers; they are almost universally working people making no claims on the tax payer. In fact they are often in the relatively low income brackets suffering 70 % marginal taxation form the vicious Brownite tax and spend government. Uniquely they pay twice, in the form of absurdly inflated Service charges that disappear into the general waste of the state
Pat Wagland smugly refers to “Working Class Tenants”.70% of Council tenants are on benefits whereas almost all leaseholders work. It is a bitter irony that she excludes these ordinarily heroic people from the, “Working “class.

Interesting that we are always supposed to be worrying about the so called, "working class", isn`t it. In fact, generally speaking, non membership of this mythical communion is defined by working . They are closing down Sure Start because it wasn`t reaching the parts other state nurturing schemes cannot the "working class". I am going in a second with my son . Marian , my wife , made a good point . I said well you can see why, when I go there are two sollicitors an architect and an alternative comedian. She said yes and these are exactly the people who have had to move for work or training that have no support.In other words , entirely by accident the governement filled need that was very much felt by those who actually work. It is no suprise then that it has weeks to live.



Croydonian said...

Careful N - back in the '70s two Uruguayan military types fought a duel when one called the other a 'socialist'.

Anonymous said...

I met Croydonian the other day as well - but not for a drink - oh no!

newmania said...

Really?Thats a pretty good trick to pull off Mutt.

Croydonian said...

The suggestion that I would meet up with a blogger and NOT drink is almost certainly defamatory.

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