Saturday, January 13, 2007

I am a very bad person . It turns out that in addition to accusing Croydonian of being a Socialist I pursued along line of enquiry as to his sexual predilections . Oh dear oh dear ..its lucky he has an imperturbable sense of humour . ..phew.
Additional evidence of my dreadful morals came when I got to the father’s morning at the local Mitford Centre. This is a wonderful facility where they provide a creative and safe environment for toddlers and babies which little Elliot adores. It will be closing soon I `m afraid as part of the demise of Sure Start .
I was so hung over that I was obliged to drink the entire carton of Strawberry and Banana smoothy that Ruben , the kindly helper, had set out for the children. I also scoffed quite a bit of their food . Pretty evil eh.

Well Mrs . N has finally put her foot down and there is now written constitution in place in the household.

Blogging Constitution.
Two hours Blogging on Saturday Morning after spending at least two hours with your son
A further two hours in the evening
None of these time periods to be carried over. Its use it or lose it .
As above
Anytime after “I” am in bed ( nice of her)
Weekdays two full evenings but absolutely no other computer time at all.
Elliot duties to be shared equally at the weekends only

I think thats pretty fair really and in this new spirit of accord a mug of soup and a peice of chocalate cake has just arrived. I still have half an hour to go is sweet


Croydonian said...

Time to master speed reading and to get your typing up to 120 wpm?

istanbultory said...

Mr N, you are not alone. I am afraid Mrs IT has imposed a blogging constitution as well.

Philipa said...

Newmania you are clearly a very lucky man - not only a beautiful wife and child but a reasonable honey who obviously loves you. Take my advice and after a couple of weeks sticking to this schedule, buy her a present. NOT flowers from a garage, NOT the perfume some other woman has recommended but something that she might like. Time off enjoying something she likes to do perhaps. A prof massage? Or pop down to the Body Shop and you can both benefit!

Mind you - memories make me worry about that last one: whenever I asked for my shoulders or swollen ankles to be gently rubbed when I was pregnant it was 'Ooh ok', rub rub rub, like he was trying to erase a stain, then he'd lunge for other swollen and painful parts and when I winced would flounce off and wouldn't speak to me for the rest of the night. Men can be such dears.

Croydonian said...

Adding to Philipa's point, flowers on a Wednesday can be quite the winner.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you were married - I thought you were gay?!???!!

newmania said...

Thats a worry , I wonder why?

Justin said...

Must be your love of camp musicals.

Philipa said...

Newmania gay?

ahahahahahahahahah (collapses in hysterics of laughter)

eliza said...

I hope I am not the cause for these new restrictions . But i will miss you, Pee.

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