Thursday, January 04, 2007

Lets Get Serious

Simon Heffer (DT) was saying to day what I have been saying ever since the quite outstanding Boris piece on the boundary commission ..Brown may go early . We may in fact be in an election year. If this is the case , and it is as likely as not , the question of what `we` must do is somewhat more urgent than it might appear. My advice I `m afraid is rather boring but its getting time to be serious. .

Dear David
Please do not be tempted into making hard policy decisions , all the time you do not the enemy only make one criticism. If Brown seeks to bounce the electorate into an endorsement, this will provide you with cover. Don't fret about the Neo Cons and UKIP defectors, they are playing at rebellion . Remember this must be a game of reaction not pro-action if we are to win . Control and discipline is all leave showboating to the bloggers.
You appreciate that Brown will try to put right what he sees as the major obstacle to a Nu lab victory. You know roughly what these are. The leaked memo said ,"we have been outflanked on patriotism , been assailed for broken promises and spin ...the New labour Brand has been contaminated" You also know Brown is highly sensitive to the iniquitous Scottish dispensation . Dennis McShane put his likely strategy well ..." to catch the Tories bathing and walk off with most of their clothes." This was in an article entitled Brown knows he has to cut taxes". Worth reading David
You have taken the centre and Brown will try to grab it back .Moreover he will portray himself as the man of substance who will deliver the New labour Agenda ..the spin and lies will be Tony`s fault He will say you can have low taxes , reformed public services, reduced red tape and yet maintain social justice , the NHS and a caring smile. Don`t write policies ,prepare your arguments and take up the weapon he has left...............

Tell them every day that Labour said all of this ten years ago.

Mention Frank Field , told to think the unthinkable , reform the disastrous benefits system ,eliminate the poverty trap and the dependency culture. Remind them it was the back bench opposition and in particular the opposition of Gordon Brown that derailed the supposed Blair project. . Constantly entangle brown in his past and suggest he cannot be trusted.
Be prepared for a flashy gesture like ditching inheritance tax. . On 30% ( ICM) he has nothing to lose. You must be quick to smile at him him as a man who will promise anything but whose political constituency will pull left.

Never forget to say . "You've had ten years and now you admit you were wrong ?"

Keep you nerve you are getting it right . Steer clear of Iraq ,steer clear of "immigration" the EU even ( hard I know) just match the Brown moves . Keep the focus on what Blair promised ten years ago and what has happened since.

Give the Conservative Party a friendly splash of cold water they have forgotten we could lose.

Demand their support quietly we must appear unified against the certain factionalism that will erupt after president Blair. Drop the A list (Its work is done ) and throw out afew hints . They are Conservatives , they will knuckle downAt the moment the Labour party is wrestler on the mat . We have to keep them where they are ,they move , we move , nothing risky but instincts and caution are the watchwords. Play out the time and we will win . You political instincts have been supernatural , they know they picked a winner and they know they will have to grow up.

David, there is a lot to do to get this country back to where it should be but the constituency of agreement for a reforming agenda comes after victory not before . Remember this in 1979 Margaret Thatcher was highly conciliatory to the centre ground . I believe you have the talent to be one of the great Conservatives and with the economy's wheels squeaking you might just get the support for a radical agenda sooner than you think. When that happens ;don't let us down .

Yours Sincerely



nick drew said...

Mania, here's a thought - would Brown going early suit Blair's agenda, or the reverse?

I have a suspicion this matters a lot vis-a-vis behaviour in the bunker. And they still have a lot of levers to pull + ammo to fire.

Praguetory said...

Brilliant N. A few subtle strategies to expose the fault lines in Labour and shame Labour voters would be useful ingredients I feel. We need to look hard-working, serious and motivated. Your overall advice is good. Let's see how DC follows your advice.

CityUnslicker said...

A nicely written letter. I hope the party can get its act together. However, my predicition for 2007 is no election and I would not like to be wrong!

However, have you thought through the reverse labour strategy. Which is to continue to take a right-wing approach. They are strong on the NHS, what they could do is go big on immigration and big on security. Stealing traditional Tory ground and undermining Dave in the marginals that matter where UKIP/BNP will stand.

I agree with your sentiments, but this theoretical campaign must be fought carefully. NuLab cares not for its ideological consistency and will just want to win.

newmania said...

Thanks CU it really is nice of you and anyone else to take the trouble to have look. I know exactly what you mean but this would be part of the reactive strategy . The Conservative party should not be seen to be driving the "nationalist"agenda or we will upset the centre.
I would like to see the shadow cabinet "broadening the message" in this way

Steven_L said...

Of course now that you're the 2nd most popular tory blogger DC will be looking in regularly for advice.

newmania said...

That was a load of bollocks Steven. Some absurd computer thing that went wrong

Praguetory said...

Somebody makes a lot of money from marketing that information... Wash your mouth out Mr N.

Philipa said...

Hey Paul, I forgot I had to tag other people when tagged myself, so read this and consider yourself tagged!

GaffaUK said...

So you believe this year maybe an election year but you don't want your leader to make any hard policy decisions!

Yep - just knock the government but don't give the British people an alternative. Seems like Dave and yourself have stolen Blair's tactics. Just give 'em spin and be artfully vague.

Anonymous said...

Hey? You promised me hot porn if I looked in here Newman! You'll not fool me again! - the closest I get is Saddam in his undies - which is a bit like necrophilia - seriously though. I agree with Mr N. - if all goes well I will vote for Call me Dave - sights on the centre ground ! Believe me - UKIP is about 250 highly active and highly motivated people - and I killed one of them this afternoon!

Anonymous said...

I`ve been to Bruges Group meetings and I like the people there. Disgruntled Conservatives with what is , afetr all , a highly valid complaint.

I feel david Cameron is not unsympathetic but we must must must win

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