Thursday, December 14, 2006

What would Churchill Say

I have been indulging a fantasy...................

The decimation of the Cities by uncontrolled migration has been deliberately allowed because the increase in red tape has destroyed the real economy. With inflation and unemployment rising there it is clear the economy cannot withstand increased demand. In any case this is beyond the Chancellors remit , the only good thing he ever did . Unreformed Public Sector resource munchers have been hosed down with taxpayer's cash and like all their kind only react by needing more.
The endless long Summer of growth (actually begun under the chancellor ship of Norman Lamont) , can only be sustained by reducing costs to big business who collude in raising entry barriers to the markets and finance large Lobbying groups , like the Smith Institute ( see Guido). Broon has to have this growth to pay the political pipers of the public sector and he is selling out the country to do it .
It is for this reason that immigration has been allowed to balloon and will continue to be allowed to replace the indigenous people with the flood of further migrants from Bulgaria and Romania next year ( One of the1038 unanswered questions) . Meanwhile One in ten Britain's actually live abroad and 500 permanently relocate every day (replaced by 1500 immigrants)
I am way past pansying around with the whole subject. The answer is lowering taxes reducing administrative burden getting out of the EU , restoring honesty to public finances . My side is winning the argument and will win in the end as the horror unfolds .Both Gordon Brown and David Cameron have signalled they knwo it . What a shame David Cameron has to be dragged like a scraggy old donkey, by the nose ,by the resurgent right .
The Green Party cannot help they are wedded to proto Socialist policies that destroy business and are useful idiots for the Socialists at best. The worst of this operates through the EU .( See new "Green "measures announced yesterday due to undermine the chemical industry) . They also encourage childish non engagement with big policy and single issue fraud of a typical Liberal kind .
When will we defend our land. The whole position is far far worse than it appears and we , the English are fast becoming no more than a scattering of aboriginies paid lip service but irrelevant to policy. I `m with Le Pen . “Love this country or leave it” . I `m with Winston Churchill I wish he was here to day to warn us we are sleepwalking towards the end of our nation. I wish he was here to tell the people who the traitors are and what they have done .This was following the betrayal of the Munich appeasement

"They ,( That’s us), should know that there has been gross neglect and deficiency in our defences; they should know that we have sustained a defeat without a war, the consequences of which will travel far with us along our road; they should know that we have passed an awful milestone in our history."

Resonates for us I think

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Electro Kevin said...

More like you and I'll vote Conservative.

Welfare and free NHS to newcomers is a big draw too.

It's the housing boom that's stopping us from rioting - ironically, immigration is feeding the housing boom. A happy coincidence for this traiterous chancellor soon to be PM.

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