Thursday, December 14, 2006

Brit Flicks are Awful

On the subject of the British film industry and its subsidies. I was chatting elsewhere today as follows (On EU criteria for a British film). I had read the Boris piece in today’s telegraph and Brassed of that dreadful cocktail of self pity and cliché popped into my mind .

I think when old dad coughed up coal dust ,rivals the hanging clown as the most hysterically awful moments in it . Ugh…….Boris was explaining that in order to get a subsidy the film has to be truly British in an number of ridiculous ways …

.Why the hell should tax payers prop up the "British Fim Industry"You are aware that such is the awfulness of its product that film goers actively avoid it until American Audiences have approved.Where is your silly parochial pride in the artistic deadweight of our turgid output then? Nowhere.Let me remind you of the horror of "Brassed Off" as symbolic of all the inward looking special pleading fetid off all our "creative" class dump on us . Consider "The Matrix " as an exemplar of the muscular invention of the US based world of ideas.

We sit around wondering why the media is so religiously attached to a statist agenda , It isn't hard is it ,that's who pays them which goes most of all for the BBC which should be burnt to the ground tomorrow . This is all comes form the French and their Language need for a domestic Film Industry. Also their constant wish to subvert the EU to their own utterly selfish and entirely nationalist ends.


Anonymous said...

There hasn't been a decent British film since The carry on's or the Ealing comedies.

Most of the crap that is turned out is aimed to appeal to the American idea of of the British.

as you said if it does well in the States then it will be viewed in amore favourable light over here.

Anonymous said...

Slight tangent. In my slight tired haze I read Brassed Off as Brass Eye.

Now that was funny.

British films are dreadful though in the main and I hate it that they are subsidised. Have you ever seen Gosford Park? if not, don't.

Newmania said...

I thought it was ok actually ? oops. I thought master and commander was the best film about England I `ve seen .

Blimey ....bloody nice of you to look in I only do this once in a while

Little Black Sambo said...

Ken Loach, Mike Leigh, Derek Jarman. And on the BBC Dennis Potter & Stephen Poliakoff. All wrote overpraised rubbish, totally unactable even if there had been good actors available.
And Brassed Off, The Full Monty, Billy Elliott . . .
Sentimentalized workers & shirtlifters ground down by Thatcher.

Electro Kevin said...

You may not like it but I thought that Guy Ritchie's Snatch and Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels were classics. The Americans didn't appear to want them and this is where they lost out - commercialism.

The Americans love the quintissential English style and if it's with a smattering of Celtic payback so much the better - thus what we generally end up with is formulaic and disatisfying.

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