Saturday, November 11, 2006

The good the bad and the ugly

The Good

Sickened by the tainting slither of Blair we must turn to reminders we have something in this country worth saving . I have a small story. Sentimental I know but something that just happened:

Getting of the tube I bought a poppy and while I was there as little boy ran over , from his mother and asked “Why is everyone wearing them then ? “ The smiling lady on duty said, ” To remember the soldiers that died for us and help the ones that didn’t.” He said “That’s so sad “ ,and the woman replied;“ Yes but it makes you proud as well “.

Now he knows .A small act of a nation remembering.

I thought of this driving home and later reading WF Deede`s reminder that Earl Haig was hero to his men and devoted his life to their welfare after the war.Now you won’t find that version of Haig on the BBC will you .

The Bad

I thought that the Blair thing on identity cards was one of the single most mendacious statements from any politician I can remember for a long time . He constantly implied that immigration was a problem for which ID cards were urgently needed . In other words, he was stirring racial fear in an oblique and sickly sanctimonious way that was the textual equivalent of an icing sugar covered turd.

Immigration chaos has been caused by the shambolic execution, of the bad policy for which his government is responsible . Similarly , crime and anti social behaviour , caused by deluded Liberalism in the judiciary and inactivity on badly need police reform , has nothing to do with the absence of ID cards . As for terrorism it has become the Braun Haus Fire emergency for every acquisitive little Bureaucrat from Ian Blair to the Spy Woman . We do not , I repeat NOT curtail our freedoms out of a hysterical fear on a few mad terrorists .

The single thing that impressed me was that the cost was mostly incurred by the introduction of bio metric passports . I discovered the next day that this was an outright lie and the computer systems for tracking us all were the main expense , Entirely unrelated. Lies lies and more lies.

True he raised the issue of freedom “The Issue !!!!”. What next the issue of whether abundant air might be helpful for breathing. It is not an issue Blair you maniac. You are building your bridge over he river Kwai . Stop!I believe there is no reason for doing this beyond an instinct to control and a wish to be the busy busy busy little pest he has become in his snippy dotage .Away with you and give us Brown nose . I have high hopes that his brief reign will be , if possible , even worse!

The Ugly

Blair has no right to this country I hope he buggers of and does lectures abroad . Its all he really cares about .


CityUnslicker said...

let us hope broon's raign is swift. With luck he will hold a snap election and be defeated!

Philipa said...

I thought it disgusting that some people (heard about it on QT) are trying to hijack poppy day to make a political point by saying churches should offer white poppies as a symbol of peace (in these PC times, wouldn't want to give the wrong message now would we?). The red poppy was chosen for a very good reason and it's been respected by people without argument up to now. Are we to forget those who died to keep our country free for fear we might upset those who seek to oppress us?

Ellee said...

I don't know how Blair can wear a poppy today after all those unnecessary deaths in Iraq, has he no shame or remorse?

Ellee said...

I don't know how Blair can wear a poppy today after all those unnecessary deaths in Iraq, has he no shame or remorse?

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