Friday, November 17, 2006

Cameron`s Camelot

( Who will be his Lancelot )

Boris of course
. I have been raving about this titanic Conservative .

Boris , who I have just watched on question time performing brilliantly , reiterated the point that Reid is posturing by framing a law that will be resisted on Libertarian ground, so as to appear to be tougher on Terrorism, than thou .This is typical of the sophisticated news handling that Nu Lab have made the signature of their government . In this case they are appearing the opposite of what they are . From the Blackpool conference onwards ,they have been a party without the rudder of principle. As a result, the natural tendency for bureaucrats to want more power, for interest groups to want more tax money, and for politicians to want more laws has drifted calamitously. This is what the electorate have had enough of .They must therefore appear decisive, but it is sham . Most of the queens speech initiatives have no chance of becoming law, and exists for pantomimic effect. Reid ,( between the lines), is the worst offender .
There is an interesting code going on here . Nick Griffin has just been discovered ( oh my goodness) to be racist , or not, because he says Muslims are evil people intent on no good . We are , apparently , in such imminent Terrorist peril that we must be bunged in chokey , at the whim of plod . Meanwhile, further laws are being framed to deny me the right to say this is all the fault of Islam with its encouragement to ,"find the faithless and slay them". It is absolutely no coincidence that Boris mentions the telling fact about the number of Muslims who believe in Sharia law . The dove Muslim majority is largely a myth.
Behind all of this is the revolt of the white working class against Labour and often into the hands of the BNP . The Labour front bench have over the last two months made endless anti Islamic comments , ( quite rightly ) for the benefit of this audience , but they dare not take on their multicultural support .So , despite the official abandonment of catastrophic multicultural policy the Labour party ,hugely in the thrall of minority pressure groups , cannot act . As Boris points out there will be no compulsory English or cultural, induction of any sort.. No move to value the working people of this country to won two world wars for us .They will continue to be betrayed . Labours answer is to threaten to lock everyone up and to drag out M15 and Plod to back up their need to be tough .As if they were immune to political pressure ; I don't think.
Its birthday and Christmas for me . News lead legislative initiatives , coded racism, ( with no real help on immigration and housing), Braun Haus fire emergency shouting and illiberal statist bullying. Well done Boris well done indeed !You are the smiling cavalier who ,with a laugh and a swagger, impales the NuLab deceit time and time again.
What a fine cabinet minister you will be. Personally I hope to see you ,as Deputy Prime Minister ,Lancelot to Cameron`s Arthur in the new Camelot of the Conservative Administration.



Philipa said...

A charge has been made against Cameron that he is just a blue-rinsed Blair. What say you to that Paul?

newmania said...

I made that charge ( amongst others and the jury is out )

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