Monday, November 06, 2006

Getting hot hot hot!

You have to listen very carefully, but once in a while the truth pops out . This Council loves your money, and hates your car.
It is no surprise that cabbies think Islington is London’s worst borough for drivers . Answering them , Councillor Lucy Watt let the cat out of the bag . She said ,“ We get money from Transport for London to set up 20 MPH zones - this money cannot be used for anything else.”. Now we know .The real reason for more driver persecution is to get a new budget .Such things are like the smell of bisto to bureaucrats . They cannot resist.
The Liberals say the 20mph scheme was, “In the manifesto”. In fact, they are perilously close to losing control of the council largely as a result of tormenting motorists. This does not spell “mandate” to me.
Another truth that bobbed to the surface was Chief Executive Helen Bailey`s. In the Council’s prodigiously well funded propaganda magazine, she sighed, “Imagine Islington without any cars“ , continuing with the usual green liturgy . This is exactly what they would like. Actually, in the early medieval period, the climate here was about the same as in the Loire valley today. Getting a bit chilly isn’t it.! We obviously need more carbon emissions .
Speed bumps are irritating , sometimes justifiably, they do not collect revenue though and are therefore due to be replaced with surveillance technology. Consultation will be circumvented, as usual, by asking only the beneficiaries. Soon, yet another source of fine income will available . Gas guzzler taxes and , most importantly , the house price tax , are also on their way.
The Sterne report reassures us that the end of the world continues to be nigh. Having survived, mad cow disease, bird flu, dangerous dogs and the ice age ,due in the 70s, I am sceptical of apocalyptic prophecies. I will make one prediction though. For anyone who owns a house and a car in Islington, a 600% increase in local fines licences and taxation can be expected.
As we may all be obliged to holiday at home, perhaps it would be nice to get a tan .Keep driving; it’s worth a try.


Philipa said...

I would drive less if the streets and public transport were safer (excepting London, where my latest trip on the underground was fine and sitting alone in a park at twighlight was very pleasant - it was like being in another country)

Philipa said...

Don't think you can run and hide Newmania, I'm throwing virtual bricks up your virtual entry as we speak. Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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