Saturday, October 14, 2006

Telly Tubby Brain in a Human Body (SUZ)

Diary Of A Nobody ( SUZ BLOG)
For light entertainment that doesn’t challenge the intellect I occasionally dip into the Liberal blogosphere . Suz blog hysterical . This is taster of the Pooterish poor little-me isms she delights in…..

“Pity about the rain - the house was full to bursting.( Wow really ?) The first grandchild from both sides of his family they all turned up armed with bags of presents ( Hold the front page !). I had to leave early - his other grandmother (Natasha's mum) …( Not Natasha in London oh yeah I know her )and I didn't have much time to chat. She said that she would see me in a couple of months. Dozy woman I am sometimes.”
Sorry Suz that would be . All the time . Perhaps the single most astonishingly tedious waffle is her long rambling tales of how she is giving up smoking. Newmania , scourge of the dull and champion of the substantial felt a little corrective criticism might be in order.
“I think this deserves wider publication . Opulently bound in leather it will seldom leave my side. You see I sleep rather badly and you have found the cure for insomnia . Bravo...and then I felt good ..and then I felt bad.. and then I felt better ..and then I felt a little worse and then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”
When she is not telling us she forgot to turn the iron off her political views are of this sort . She is delighted , yes that’s right delighted at the prospect of a state sponsored snitch scheme wherby neighbours inform on those who forget to recycle , fines and so on will follow
“Such a 'wicked' idea - if Camden or Islington were to ever set up a system I'd never be off the phone. Have no qualms about grassing up residents who continually dump rubbish and refuse to recycle. It's such an eyesore and most irritating.”
By strange coincidence I find her an eyesore and irritating not to say a busy bodying self righteous infestation . Well not really , as her ideas wander around like lost sheep it is fun trying to imagine what coherent political philosophy she might hold . Why not play this game with your children .?

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Bob said...

So Paul Newman (not that one) bemoans the intellectual dearth of Suzblog. Well the honesty of the trivialities of one person's everyday life has more validity than the pitiful meanderings of a Tory party thrashing around in the dark looking for the remnants of a policy led by a blind sheep. Maybe Mr Newman (not that one) should devote his time to helping his flock of optically challenged grass-eaters find a GENUINE policy than worry and forget about the real world as contained in Suzblog. After all the Tories did years ago.

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