Sunday, October 15, 2006

SUZ attacks free speech out of fear.

"SUZ deleted this reply from her blog:I think this makes my point about Liberals and free speach eloquently. Free to agree with her she means . I fear that her self satisfied claim she is often recognised as the BLOG LADY may stem from having slightly mis heard the remark
Newmania said:
"Not me (posting for months ) , your site was recommended to me as a source of comic material this weekend .Presumably if you have dared to pop you head above the parapet around Guido or Iain Dale the anarchist element ( which I am not one of ) found you offensive .
Also do not sulk if you are personally insulted . Noone asked you to put your personal life into a political arena As you have done so you deserve all you get ( expect much more) . Your argument in that I can discern one is the argument from personal nice-ness. It is up to me to point out you are not very nice . It goes like this
I pat doggies , I kiss babies and I take your money because “We all agree we need more Social Workers ( she agrees)". Once again what you claim is the fault of Conservatives is your responsibility. This false position highly typical of the Liberal party which is my interest in (her) blog ,
Also do not imagine for one second that the Conservative Party has dispensed with Conservatives because of some of the pronouncements of the current leader ,which are often misunderstood. My own position in the Conservative Party is more or less central and should you choose to question any of this in any formal way I will give you a lesson in Contemporary British politics you will greatly benefit from.
I do not argue from personal niceness .
This proves I am much nicer than you "

Barring bad language , nothing will be deleted from my blog.


Ted said...

Think you have made a mistake and checked the wrong posting. She has not deleted your comment.

You seem to like the lady so much let all your friends know so they can also have a good laugh.

I think her blog is not only a good read but very true to life. Shows she is human and is not stuck up like so many policians

newmania said...

Um you may be right there. A full retraction will be posted in tiny print in about six monhs

D W said...

I have to say Paul Newman's comments are reasonable. If you publish something on the web and allow comments, you are open to recieve comments you won't always agree with.

We live in a great democracy with many people with different opinions, and Ted's, Tristan's, Mark's and Suz's opinions are not all of them!

Isnt that why people like blogs - they can write what they want to...?

Praguetory said...

The mission should you wish to accept it is to arrange for Suz to join the Islington Tory grouping. I wish you well - we can discuss at C's place if you like.

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