Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chris Skidmore is back.

( The loony looked like this )

Chris is Back
A really good day for Islington`s North based members and as ever our Association did a marvellous job . Magnificent effort from Duncan W. getting all the material to the right time and place and tremendous to see so many busy people taking some time out of their weekend,to help the cause . Great to see Skidders back . I sometimes wonder if Chris isn’t just to nice . He was stuck for about half an hour with a mad old Chinese chap he referred to as Mr. Miyagi (tut ..tut) .Miyagi wanted to join the BNP . Chris kept smiling and afterwards pointed out the constitution of the BNP would not allow him to join . You have to be White . We discussed this paradox as it applied to sane people. I pointed out that communities like the West Indians who have been here for fifty years now , for the most part think of themselves as British , quite right. They are as likely as anyone to feel threatened when the Labour government assaults their community with unfettered immigration and evil housing policies . There has ,in fact ,been a common cause between such communities and the BNP partly for these reasons. I need hardly point out the grotesque absurdity of such an unholy alliance. Nonetheless the Labour party have betrayed the working class of this country and there is a well of bitterness we can expect to find extremists preying on
I do not bother with lunatics anymore . I sat listening to someone telling me that aliens were infecting our brains with radio waves to turn us all black for a while once . Now I say shooo, go on, move along ! It seems to work.
The main thing is that Chris is back, we badly need him and I hope Two brains Willets will let him out to play a bit more. John Bowis MEP OBE is chatting with Chris

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