Saturday, October 14, 2006

They really are Youthless !!!!(read on)

Its nice to be appreciated, I have , for some time been trying to sneak ad hominem abuse into the Gazette and Tribune . Unfortunately those marvellous people always cut it out on the rare occasions I get anything at all in. I have discovered that by pretending to over estimate the age of a Councillor an apparently innocent expressions like “senior” , “well preserved” and “sprightly “ can be used to great effect. This was used against Liberal babe (ahem) Tyre-Tread Dunlop in the below letter , which incidentally deals with long term and utterly serious abuse of Consultation. “glamorously preserved”, they picked up , the rest got through. ….

At a North Area Committee meeting keen listeners will have overheard a splendid admission from veteran blonde bombshell Councillor Fiona Dunlop. The point was made that the Council , having consulted areas of Hillrise once on parking restrictions simply consulted them again within 6 months when the answer they wanted was not forthcoming.
The explanation for this was that other controls placed on Parking had increased the pressure on the area and under the circumstances the matter had to be returned to quickly .A bewildered resident , almost speechless at the absurdity was able to gasp …` But you made the problem ..`
Quick as a flash the glamorously preserved Mz. Dunlop replied . `Well … you might as well take that argument right the way back to South Islington but that’s the position we are in ` .
It is scarcely news that the Consultation process was so deeply flawed from the start .Nonetheless how refreshing to hear a senior Councillor with decades of service behind her , admitting this fact in public.
My heart swells with pride when I think of the plucky residents of Hillrise standing up to the Council for so long . They truly are the most magnificent people , every one of them .

As I like to maintain bile and spite towards our awful Council it is disappointing to discover the “remarkably good for her age “ Ms, Dunlop seems to have a sense of humour .Go on like this Fiona and you will have to leave that childish po-faced sanctimonious collection of hypocrites you will know as “The Liberal Party”

Tyre-tread Dunlop replies

I was told by colleagues and indeed, many officers of the Council about your letter, and may I thank you for raising my profile even higher! I do presume that was your aim (tongue very firmly in cheek!)? ;)
I would like to clarify a couple of points though, whilst sometimes it feels like have decades of service behind me, it has been just over 3 years since I was first elected to represent Hillrise, and again re-elected this year with an increased majority.
Anyhoo, thanks for taking the time to pass on the link. I will try to have a look, but am off to make Islington even better in a bit!
Best wishes,

Awwww you could almost give her a hug . Lets not say she is evil . She is just confused and misguided , which , unfortunately is just as damaging

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