Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The people you meet around here

All of life can be found at Finsbury Park Tube Station
.. Or death in fact but I missed the recent shootings thank goodness. On the other hand I did not miss the petition being collected to protest against the government `stirring up Islamaphobia `. I explained the noble ( Soshlist Worrka ) freedom fighter that I did not consider it phobic to concern ourselves about the 80 or so plots Ian Blair says he is tracking. It is not phobic to recall the activities of Finsbury Park Mosque and it is not phobic to notice the ambivalence within the `moderate ` Islamic community not to say the council of British Muslims, towards terrorists
I might have gone on but by that time I was apparently a racist and I could beep beep etc. I am not; large parts of Islam unapologetically are however
This morning I witnessed an argument in which a shopkeeper abused what I took to be a thief, in a rich sub continental accent. `Go back to eastern Europe ` he said before turning to his colleague and continuing in the language of his birth. ` Damned rubbish` he confided finally
I found this amusing and I have a horrible suspicion that in some way this means I may not be as free of prejudice as I had hoped. My wife certainly points out my failings in this regard frequently .

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JT said...

Very funny.

Which wife does NOT frequently (or even more often than that) point out the failings of her husband..?

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