Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ladyman should be treated like a Ladyboy

Lady man I just hate you

And if I ever meet you we will have a chat about the nine points on my licence and the money your piggy bank highway robbery has cost me . What was that... sorry I can`t make it out with all the weeping

The world most infuriating man is at it again . In fact its like Birthday and Christmas all at once for me because he is taking further freedoms from drivers and it is of course an EU Policy. I’m so happy about it I could stamp on a rodent .. Or something
“EU Transport Ministers are trying to force us to use dipped headlights on our cars 24 hours a day. Yesterday, Layman told the Commons: A number of powerful states think it's a good idea.”
Two points :
Ladyman :Why when there is now conclusive evidence that the entire Speed cameras con does not work do we still have them ?They are an expensive affront to personal Liberty anyway and only an emergency (war?) would justify such an extension of the state . 5% of accidents are caused by speeding and they are 13 year olds in other people cars , wasted.

AND : Why is "it will save lives" trotted out again and again. There is no end to this argument and it is therefore no argument. Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of Tyrants; it is the creed of slave, I always say . Coincidentally William Pitt said it to

As far as the latest nonsense is concerned some very naughty people who I disapprove of had this to say

"The European Union want us all to drive with our headlights on 24hrs a day. They say this will reduce the number of accidents on our roads but is strongly opposed by everybody from the Friends of the Earth to the British Motorcycle Federation (BMF).Stephen Ladyman, the Transport Minister claimed that the proposals were impossible to avoid because they were backed by, "powerful European Countries", he is talking about Sweden! This proposal, intended to take effect by 2010, would increase carbon emissions by 3%, undoing much of the efforts of this country to reduce our impact on climate change."

There you go . I `m against the negative impact on climate change….(ahem) What a good little Cameroonian I am

Big hugs Dave

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