Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Lydia Rivlin. Can I join your fan club ?

Lydia Rivlin,Deputy Chairman (Political)Tottenham Conservatives.

I have never met this wonderful woman but sent a brief email in appreciation of a superb letter she had in the local press. She was kind enough to point out that my blog -bit on my father’s trial was unreasonable and unfair in parts. This was out of a pure generosity of spirit and I have come to agree with her.

Let’s set the record straight then:

Lydia you are right it is entirely absurd to expect the Conservative Party to have supported a person who had broken the law. Personally I like to think I would have done so anyway but then Newmania PM is an unlikely prospect and I am not in a good position to be realistic about it.

Yes it is quite pointless to throw around insults at the Councillor in question .I am still allowed to be rude under the law but I am not generally vitriolic and do not wish to become so. Sorry about that

I very much hope to be able to speak to some of the Tottenham Conservatives. They seem a lively lot and it can be a bit lonely being a Conservative up here. Lydia especially is a fascinating character. Looking for a picture I discovered her web site. She is a writer, (I mean a proper one), and is about as far from the traditional Tory lady as I can imagine. There are some examples of her work on the site and a visit will reward your effort

Something drew me to this passage … perhaps the beauty of the imagery?

“Ladies, just before your man is due home, light a candle and let it burn until the wax starts to bubble and melt. At the same time, heat up an iron to maximum setting. The moment he comes through the door, rip the shirt off his back and kneel down in front of him……”

If you want to know what happens next have a look at I `m afraid it’s a terrible disappointment if, like me, you prefer gratuitous sex scenes to wry humour. For those of you who are not philistines, however, it’s very funny indeed.

There was no picture .

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